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Topeka ~ Paws in the Park & Pool ~ Sept. 9th

Chloe the- Chaotic

Chaotic to the- bone.
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 11:31am PST 
Howldy Kansas Woofs! Just droppin' in to let yas know that next Saturday (Sept. 9th) that there is a fundraiser in Topeka that is held every year that the proceeds go to our local shelter. They have all kinds of kewl beans things going on. Pancake feed, 1 mile doggy walk, vendors, contests, silent auctions, raffles, etc. you name it...we always come home with more freebies than we can shake a stick at! It is followed up with a 2 hour swim in the pool! Everything is held @ Gage park which is located @ 10th St. & Gage. Check out the below URL for details...and wish us luck...this will be our 7th time for us!
Shiloh, CGC,- Therapy Dog

Shiloh sez not- enuf Beags in- the world.
Barked: Thu Sep 28, '06 7:20pm PST 
Hey there Chloe - this here is Shiloh. My mommy Kim & me wuz there - r 3rd time, we live in Topeka. I wuz so happy tu b there again - after the walk, mommy & me wuz in sum contests & I did so guud in 1 of them - I won the Best Pet Trick contest. Maybe mommy will put sum pikchures on my page. I wuz there with my Aunt Sis & her Westie pup named Bailie. Did u have a guud time? U been there alot. I gotta go fer now. Bark at ya later..........
Chloe the- Chaotic

Chaotic to the- bone.
Barked: Fri Sep 29, '06 3:51pm PST 
Oh NO!!! I wished we had barked sooner about this...maybe we coulda met up! Me & big sis Hailey competed beach attire contest in our Barkinis! We took 3rd place. We missed the pet trix competition...Mistress had to go to the bathroom...I don't understand why she just doesn't pee outside like me & Hailey.