Are you a boy or girl Bailey?

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Bailey ~~~~

Hugs & thoughts- for all who need- it!!
Barked: Fri Sep 1, '06 7:32am PST 
Hi everyone! Just wondering how many Bailey's are boys & how many are girls?!?!
I'm Bailey the dappled dachshund and I'm a girl!
My mommy & daddy thought Bailey sounded like a girl name to them but everyone else is different. Just like in humans though, it's getting harder to tell if they are male or female!!
Love Bailey the Girl!
Bailey-- Loved- Furever

Catch me if you- can (trust me- you can't)
Barked: Fri Sep 1, '06 3:06pm PST 
I'm a boy (actually an it, thanks to the V-E-T grrrrr). Mom and grandma were going through names for me, mom remembered the 'Bailey' character from "Party of Five". When she said the name I cocked my head one way and then the other. Guess that meant I liked the name, which I do!

Milkbone Addict
Barked: Fri Sep 1, '06 6:54pm PST 
I'm a Bailey boy! Whenever Mom takes me to be groomed-which I hate- they put little girly bows in my hair. I don't know what part of "I'm a Bailey boy" my Mom doesn't get! She likes the little bows, but thankfully doesn't put me through the embarrassment of wearing them too much!


Barked: Fri Sep 1, '06 8:20pm PST 
100% Bailey GIRL! People think I'm a he--cause I am a labbie girl and us girlie labs are not delicate, hehehehehe
Bailey Ray

Dogs Rule!
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 6:20am PST 
I'm a girly girl! I am very vocal like my 13 year old human sister Alyssa. smile

Butter, butter,- butter.........
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 6:33am PST 
HI, I am 100% a Bailey Girl, and I believe that we girls rule...wont say what I think about boys...

~Bailey the Dane~

Princess Bailey
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 1:48pm PST 
Hi I am a girl too! I am a Beagle mutt saved from the pound!! I am named Bailey after Bailey's Irish Cream!!
Bailey B.

If it ain't put- away, I'm- chewing it!
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 3:53pm PST 
I'm a Bailey boy, though people say "good girl" and stuff like that to me all the time. I think Bailey makes a good boy or girl name and I just love it.

Bailey - the sock- stealer!
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 4:11pm PST 
I'm a Bailey-boy... but like Bailey, really I'm an "it." But whenever it's time to open presents, my mommy and poppy put the bows on me and call me "Pretty Pretty Princess Bailey." What's that all about???
Bailey-- Loved- Furever

Catch me if you- can (trust me- you can't)
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 6:28pm PST 
Pretty, pretty princess, huh? Just at Christmas...My Mom actually has a pretty, pretty princess doggie costume that she likes to pull out whenever the mood strikes her. She says pink is my color.....grrrrrrrrrrrr
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