Browns girlie!

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Rosie- *FOUND* m
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 9:36am PST 
Our dad was born in Cleveland longer ago than he wishes to admit! So he has no choice, he's a Browns fan! Our mum is rather confused and vague about football (she still thinks of soccer when she hears the word!) but she has dutifully watched her share of games.

There were some dark times. Mum manages a bar - an official Browns bar by the way! - and the boys there taught her a few choice phrases when the Browns were in limbo. If she can think of any that won't get her banned, she'll share!

Furio- (2004-2013)

Who's a Tough- Guy?
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 1:10pm PST 
Love those Browns girls!

My mom & dad both lived up by Cleveland - Born and raised Browns fans! My dad's neighborhood used to have 'Lights on for Bernie' nights in the mid- to late-80's where everyone in the neighborhood left their front porch lights on to support Bernie Kosar. If someone's light was off, that house was usually terrorized by the neighborhood kids. Funny now, but makes you feel bad for the people whose porch lights had just burned out!

Anyway, now that we don't live in northeast Ohio, we've found a local Browns bar that caters to all the devoted fans! Go Browns!

for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 2:53pm PST 
I see you're a Buckeye fan too - way to go!

Furio- (2004-2013)

Who's a Tough- Guy?
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 3:25pm PST 
No worries - Our Browns bar is also an Ohio State bar!

(For some reason, my dad likes Michigan, but we ignore that!)

I mean, we're not all lucky enough to live right by the Horseshoe, but we do what we can!

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Daisy Mae
Barked: Fri Sep 1, '06 5:14am PST 
My mom is the one who is a fan in our home. She grew up in South Euclid/ Lyndhurst so she must be a fan!
Part of her wedding scrapbook includes the "Browns Countdown" clock!! Remember that? And she remembers leaving the porch light on as well!
Ummmm. She has a local Browns club but doesn't go. Daddy says it's best she watches the games at home, it's the one time she acts like a total lunatic!
(Trust me, none of us will sit next to her!)
If you go to my brother Dukes page you can see her best gift yet!
Her brother Scott sent her REAL Browns pants and socks! The pants were a kickers, not sure who had the socks!!

Here we go Brownies here we gooooooooooooo
Furio- (2004-2013)

Who's a Tough- Guy?
Barked: Fri Sep 1, '06 9:15am PST 
Bol, Daisy Mae - Your mom is a true fan! How cool that she has those authentic clothes!

We remember the countdown clock! My mom's cousin is on the commemorative video of the last game at the old Browns Stadium. He's standing in the Dawg Pound crying like a little girl. . .bol!

IF you can- catch- me....
Barked: Fri Sep 8, '06 3:30pm PST 
Hi everyone, our mom grew up in Cleveland, suffered through ALL the dark times, and remembers ALL the exciting seasons too. Anyone else around for the Kardiac Kids years? Been feeling a little displaced ever since she moved to Columbus, but still close enough to get to the games pretty often, used to run field trips for Columbus friends for a day at the game and the flats. Mom went to the auction when they sold off parts of old Municipal Stadium and got a stadium seat for everyone in her family for Christmas that year. THIS is our year, right? RIGHT? OH PLEASE!
Mellow and Caelen

Be- Kind
Barked: Sun Sep 10, '06 5:53am PST 
Oh my you have a real seat! My goodness THAT is cool!
I don't remember first hand about the Kardiac Kids but my moms brother told us all about it and we read about it as well.
What a time!
And YES!
This IS our year!

*we hope*

lapdog,- supersized
Barked: Mon Sep 11, '06 8:51am PST 
dad is the browns guy at our house!!! he grew up in cleveland/medina/lakewood, and moved to columbus with mommy... go browns!!!
Furio- (2004-2013)

Who's a Tough- Guy?
Barked: Mon Sep 11, '06 9:42am PST 
Ah, the Kardiak Kids - So true! There were some good times! And even when it's bad times, it's still great to be a Browns fan!
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