Barked: Sat Aug 26, '06 2:31pm PST 
what's your favorite kind of dogfood?????? Mines kibbles and bits/ beneful!!

Samurai Warrior- Dog
Barked: Fri Sep 8, '06 10:39am PST 
Hi! I'm new here ! I reallllly like carrots, watermelon, strawberries and sardines or tripett beef tripe (sounds like a yummy combo don't it? bol!). My mom has fed me Nature's Variety Chicken or Lamb, Performatrin Chicken and my all time favourite is Salmon ala Veg from Fromm. what do you guys like to eat?

Born to be WILD!
Barked: Fri Sep 8, '06 3:20pm PST 
I like my beneful dog food! Although I'm picky, I eat my favorites first and save the not so great ones for last. For snacks I really love kettlecorn popcorn, apples (mommy sometimes breaks down and lets me share!), vanilla ice cream, and your usual pupperoni, milkbone, and dingo bones! I could be occupied all afternoon tearing apart a mini dingo bone!