how long did it take before you started competing?


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Barked: Sun Aug 13, '06 8:09pm PST 
how much training and confidence did it take for you to start competeting? how long from the beginning of traing till your first race?

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...Am I the only other one who posts here?
Oh well, I'll share anyways incase someone who hasn't already been in a class with me decides to read.

I didn't even start obedience until I was 2 and 5/6 years old. And I had already started flyball before my obedience classes ended, so there wasn't much of a wait there, my mom decided she wanted to do flyball with me one day, so we signed up for the next class.

I haven't done any races yet because my mom is still working on the puppy who quite unfortunately for me seems to be doing a lot better than I am.
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We started training in October 2005, then went to practice with a team in March '06. We had to stop that in June because Willow had a chasing problem and couldn't cross with other dogs. We were away from flyball for 11 months and then started working really hard in May '07 and have been able to make it so that she can cross. We have done flyball and tunnel relays in shows all summer and went to our first competition in November and got titled!

It doesn't normally take that long, we are a special case. I'd say average, six months to a year, depending on your dog and how easy it is to find a team.