favorite food contest

In Loving Memory of Augi 01-06

hoggie doggie
Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 11:23am PST 
wats each of your dogs favorite brand name and flavor the most votes will be chosen to picture themselves with the can on doggy dominance
Buck and Koa

Barked: Mon Aug 14, '06 6:25pm PST 
I lik wottever brand my Dad is eetin. So DadChow. Dad werks hard all day to brink home da bakon too. He like da hi end brands like da Science Diet burreatos an da Nutro philly cheeze stek. Hee wash dat all down wif sum bojo-lay or labernet savinyon.

Um ... I lik ....ummmm ... I lik ....um dat noo fud ... itta helthfud call by da nem of ChipsAhoy Softbake Keebler Elf Kibbels Nibbels N' Liver N Fudge. Its by Nabiscuito or Frito LAY! SIT! STAY! I tink. Wonna dems.

Also wontime, at P'Nuts howze, my golden retreever cuzzin, (he eets da junkfud), Mom left da pantry oppens I et almoss 5 lbs of his Kibbles N Bits but jus da Bits ... I dint eets da kibbles. I spits dem owt. PAHTOOOEY!
But dey Bitz waz rully rully tastee.
PS Oh yeah an Pedigrees in N out burgers fries