Ranger (In Loving Memory)

Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 9:14am PST 
Hi - my name is Ranger - my mom says I'm a spaniel mix but who knows !!!! Mom says I'm the best dog ever, now - when i was little i ate her couch, a chair, some carpet and the toilet seat !! I stay in my kennel now when Mom is gone - too bad she didn't think of that sooner !!!
one day BK (before kennel) i opened the refridgerator door ! Man did we have fun that day !!!!!

"Off Like the- Wind!!!!"
Barked: Mon Aug 14, '06 8:17pm PST 
Hellllllllllloooo Ranger!! I just wanted to say helloo. I loved the stories you and Molly had to share....u two are a hoot. can't wait to read some more in the future....aaaauuurroooooooooo!!!! woof!! Cinnamon

Cuddles the- puddle
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 5:36am PST 
i am so glad that you realized that we are called mixed breeds.....some people call us nasty names like mutt or mongruel.....we dont like that.....My name is Cuddles the Puddle.....Mom says its because if you mix Pug and Poodle you get Puddle....

Cinnamon Grrrl

The Little Bad- Wolf
Barked: Fri Aug 25, '06 11:58am PST 
Hello to Ranger from another Cinnamon. It sounds like you REALLY like to get a lot of fiber in your diet! *BOL*
J.R.- (crossed- over to- Rainbow

Got fur?
Barked: Sat Sep 2, '06 5:39am PST 
I don't mind being a "muttley" like the dog from the cartoons. =) Usually, I pass for a Golden Retriever. Hehe. But I'm too small to be a purebred even though I came with all of the Golden Retriever problems. =( That's the bad part about being a mix....it didn't get rid of the purebred problems....allergies, sensitive stomach and hip dysplasia, oh my!! *ARF*