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Intro's please

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Drive Daddy- crazy :)
Barked: Wed Aug 9, '06 7:40pm PST 
I'll go 1st.

My name is Flash. I have one basset brother Rossy and one Gloden brother Ernest. I have two 2 legged brothers too.They break stuff and blame it on me all the time,the little brats. I like table surfing and turtle hunting.My bestest basset friends are Penny and LuLu. Rossy like napping and napping....oh and supper time! I cannot wait to hear about all of you guys! smile XOXOX FLASH

Barked: Mon Feb 19, '07 9:00am PST 
Hi! I'm Annabelle, new to my family. They have lots of 4 legged friends and some little "two legged" ones. We live in Maryland. Happy to make some basset baby buddies!

Ellee Bellee- Princess Smellee
Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 6:30am PST 
I'm a two year old Basset Baby who lives in RI, USA. I love to run and howl and play a lot! I am so happy to be around other Bassets. My mommy would love to bring home a Basset brother or sister for me so if you know anyone in the New England area, let her know!


Eat...Sleep...Ea- t...Sleep
Barked: Sat Oct 27, '07 12:58am PST 
I am a 2 year old basset who has moved away to get married but I get to see my family on weekends. I just arooooooooo for this group! way to godancingwavewinkhugsmilelaugh out loudbig grin
Buster Boe- Digger

Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 5:29am PST 
Hi guys, my name is Buster and I'm 6 years old. i live with my grandfather right now because my mommy cant keep me. i love to bark cus i know my granddaddy will give me my favorite treat, to keep me quiet. a cheesy hotdog. my mommy doesnt approve cus i've gain some weight. but soon she will be able to take me back home. and i cant wait... it's great to meet ou all and i'd like to have you as puppy pals

Barked: Wed Nov 7, '07 9:02pm PST 
hello im angelbelle and i live here in california with my grumpy basset brother elvispresley and my other brother smokey and he is a hairless peruvian inca orchid, elvis is in so many other groups that this will be my special group
Shortcake -- I found my- foreve

Rescue dogs are- the best!
Barked: Tue Feb 26, '08 11:25am PST 
Hi all,

I'm Shortcake and I'm new to the group. I am current a foster dog in Arizona Basset Rescue ( I am 8 years old and my family abandonned me in the pound after I didn't get along with their new dog. (not my fault, they never socialized me) At the shelter I was so depressed that they were going to euthanize me, but luckily this great rescue group took me in.

I live with my foster mommy and her 4 dogs. She has learned a lot about my personality and found out that I'm not dog aggressive (stupid people). I am just possessive of my human and my food and I'm scared of bigger dogs and tend to "assert myself." So we are working on all of that.

I am also told that the human is the leader of the pack, can you imagine that. My foster mommy is very nice and I get along well with my foster doggie brothers and sisters and with my foster feline brother, Tommy (although sometimes I love to track him down). I have been working really hard on getting along and I'm doing a great job! I hope to find my new home soon, but right now I'm happy to have a couch to lay on and a family to love me.

Thanks for having me in the group,
Tobias CGC- TDI

Does that- require me- getting up???
Barked: Mon Aug 25, '08 6:58pm PST 
I'm Toby a 6yr old Basset and Katrina survivor. I love to snuggle and get along with everyone I meet. I still have a bit of separation anxiety, but I'm getting better now.

My brother is The Dude and he's 5 months old. He came from a well known breeder here in IL and I guess he's alright. I have to tell who's boss every so often, but he can stay.

We have 4 others in our house. A Foxhound mix, two Labs, and a Shepherd mix. We all have fun playing and hanging out. We just recently helped out our local Basset rescue at a PAWS event. Support your local breed rescue!!

Bassadors Rock!
Barked: Mon Sep 22, '08 10:25am PST 
Hi My name is Cola! I am six months old and I am half basset hound half lab retriever. I love to lie on my back and sleep. smile

The Relocator
Barked: Thu Sep 25, '08 12:32pm PST 
I'm Hound, my momma found me on a river in July after being hit or thrown from a car. I was so beat up and skinny, I was happy someone finally helped me. No one claimed me, but I sure am happy w/ my new family. I'm not even a year old, and have a German Wirehaired Pointer brother about the same age. We're best buds. I now have lots of food, lots of family, lots of toys, and a mommy that adores me and calls me 'Bean'. I'm known as the 'relocator' of the house. I will look for anything I can fit in my mouth and run it out the doggy door and leave it in the yard. So nice to be a part of the group!
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