What's a dog to do in Davis?


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Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 12:58pm PST 
We're new to town (moved down from Seattle about a month ago), and we were wondering if there are any good 'insider' tips on fun things to do/places to go with your furry friends around here.

We already found the excellent dog park down on 2nd by Sudwerks, but nobody warned us about the alarming number of car break-ins that happen there, and mom got her window smashed and her purse stolen while we were playing there one morning. frown Needless to say, we're a bit cautious about going back, so we need help finding a new favorite spot. Any suggestions?

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Barked: Fri Nov 10, '06 8:24pm PST 
I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. That's my favorite dog park, and my mom has never had any problems like that. Please come back and play with my friends and I. Maybe your mom can leave her purse in the trunk or something next time?

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Barked: Sun Jul 22, '07 9:57am PST 
Hi! I know this thread (this page too?) is kinda dead, but I wanted to try to revive it. Check out http://daviswiki.org/Dogs for all the places you can take a dog in Davis. We've got 2 fenced dog parks and a lot of off leash areas in town. Maybe we can have a dog event sometime soon??