Poster Dog..good idea, or bad idea?


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Barked: Fri Aug 4, '06 1:48pm PST 
I posted already on the logo topic, but I'm just expanding here.

If we could get permission from one owner who's dog was devistatingly thin, we could use him/her as a poster dog.

So we focus firstly on feeding this dog and report the progress of him/her and take pictures and if we get a website, or put a brochure together we could include the stories and everything. Maybe that could get some attention to our group? How we saved one dog's life and everything?
Just a thought, what's everyone elses opinio on this?
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Barked: Sat Aug 5, '06 7:56pm PST 
I love the idea. That is such a great idea. Like take one when the dog is super skiny, one in a month or two when it is healthyer, and one when it is not hungry looking any more,

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Barked: Sun Aug 6, '06 6:03am PST 
Love it! That is "proof" for people, that this cause is a good one to support because it changes/saves lives. puppy


Trust me...I'm a- beagle
Barked: Wed Aug 9, '06 3:57pm PST 
Great! Now all we need to do is find a homeless person that will co-operate with some of us to proceed with the poster dog.