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Miss Bear
Barked: Mon Jul 31, '06 9:11am PST 
Hi All,
What is your favorite summer treat? I live in Connecticut and it's over 90 degrees. I like Dogster ice cream. How about you?
Woofs and kisses.
Lucy, Our- Golden Angel

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Barked: Tue Aug 1, '06 3:49pm PST 
Mom couldn't find Frosty Paws here so she makes her own. It's just vanilla yogurt(low fat of course so I can keep my girlish figure), bananas, a little honey and peanut butter. They are excellent!

Life is MEANT to- be lived
Barked: Sat Aug 5, '06 9:29am PST 
Hi all-MY favorite summer treat is ICE CUBES!!!! I live in Alabama and it's really hot and humid here. Tedi loves Dogster ice cream. I spend lots of time in my pool and laying under the ceiling fan and A/C. How you y'all stay cool?

Tedibear- Our Girl- Forever

Miss Bear
Barked: Wed Aug 9, '06 5:44am PST 
I stay cool by laying on the tiles in the kitchen! We have air conditioning but sometimes the tiles feel good.
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Barked: Wed Mar 21, '07 8:17am PST 
Molly Is right! Ice cubes are the best!!!!! my girl makes these little thin ones and I love them!!!!!!