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I am so glad that there are more chances out there. I was begining to feel lonely. So what should dogs named Chance talk about in a group like this? I am not sure. I was thinking that we could break the ice by telling how we got our names. Is there a story behind it, because chance is an unusual name.

I got mine because i was really sick as a puppy. I was born into a neglectful home and got a terrible case of worms. My brothers and sisters did as well. The people who were taking care of me didn't really do a good job. They took all of us to a pet shop to get rid of us. My mom was a pure blooded lab but my dad was unknown and i guess it is important not to have mutt litters for a fancy breeder dog.

Anyway at the pet shop i got better. When i got there my belly was so big from the worms that my paws almost didn't reach the floor. It to forever for us to be sold because by the time we were better we were kinda out of the fuzzy puppy stage and more in the floppy, gangly stage. All of my brothers and sisters eventually were sold, but not me. I don't know why but no one wanted me. The pet shop owner was going to take me to the pound but one of his friends (my mom) rescued me. She named me Chance because that is what i got... A chance.

So, what are your stories? Maybe it was because your family loved the movie "Homeward Bound" that is a great reason as well. So, lets tell the story of how we got our names.

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I got my name because my mommy loves the movie "Homeward Bound" smile Hehe. That's not the only reason though. It's also because mommy saved me from the shelter so she said I was getting a second chance at life smile
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Well it started when I was running in the alley. These nice kids came up to me and took me to there home. I had so much fun. The family tried to find my home but could not. My mom said she was not going to keep me she said she had enough dogs. But she changed her mind soon. So they had to name me and my big human sister named me chance because of homeward bound. That is there favorite movie because they are dog lovers. They say I looked like Chance on the movie.

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Chance was probably off the streets.He went to the Placer SPCA originally,but they are very over-crowded and he was going to be put down.The Sacramento SPCA had room for him,so they took him in. (that was my first second chance)

Mom found a staffy/chow mix she liked on the shelter's website,so she went there.The dog was *just* adopted.But she filled out the form and told them if they had a corgi/corgi mix,to call her.We took a look around anyway.

In this larger enclosure with acrylic glass instead of cage bars,the play room where every dog got let out to,Chance was in there all curled up on a blanket.There were two dogs in there with him..a Australian Shepherd and a Basenji/Lab.They were both barking and fighting.Chance was so calm,we actually thought was sick.I really didn't want to leave him,because somebody else might have decided to put him on hold.We went around looking at others,but to tell you the truth,I was rushing to get back and meet Chance.

We met him in a room with lots of toys and benches.He didn't want to play much at all,and rolled over on his side right next to my dad and he petted him.That sealed the deal.way to go

I wanted to name him Shadow,but my friend said I should name him Chance.I wasn't too keen on it,but it was much better than "Lil' Joe" (his shelter name.laugh out loud )
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Well, my name is not chance but I have had many chances in my life. First being rescued from that nasty hurricane down south (I'm from mississippi), then rescued from being put down, then rescued from a rescue group, rescued from the bad home the group put me with, rescued from heartworm and then re-rescued from the rescue group who took me back out of that bad home. Now I am queen of my domain, someone pass me a mint julep please. After all that I deserve to be spoiled rotten.

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I have a story behind my name! You see my kinda bro Cody-Mitchell saw two bob cats and I was running! See I was running because I was a stray! Well the bob cats saw me! One jumped in front of me and the other jumped behind me! I was surrounded! So Cody took charge! He attacked the mean bob cats and saved my life! He was in the hospital for like 10 days or something like that! My back paw broke but I got a brace for it and it is back to normal now! I'm so glad I have a pal like that! OH and the people who ownes Cody took me in and named me Chance! They call me that because they say it was a Chance of survival!