The Cat Identity Issue


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Barked: Sun Jul 30, '06 10:42pm PST 
I noticed there are a bunch of new dogs in the group. I just wanted to welcome everyone. This is a great group full of funny dogs. By the way.... anything funny happen lately? Me? My mom was taking me for a stroll, and I ran into two Black Labs, and a cat. This cat thought it was a dog! She came straight up to me and sniffed my butt. I sniffed hers and we all just hung out for a few minutes. I was a bit confused but I'm easy going. I figured... hey! I guess everyone wants to be a dog!!!
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Barked: Fri Oct 6, '06 11:35pm PST 
Something happened to me the other night that my mom seemed to think was VERY funny, but I sorta thought it was scarey! It was late at night and dark outside. Mom let me out in our doggie pen to go potty. As I was heading away from the door (and the porch light) A great big scarey ghost came up and started teasing me! He kept copying everything I did! When I stopped, he stopped.... when I turned my head, he turned his head.... when I jumped, he jumped. Then I got scared and I started barking at him. He didn't bark back, but my mom started laughing at me! She said that the ghost was called my shadow and he wouldn't hurt me. Boy, I don't know.... I don't want anything that scarey to be mine! Anyone who wants ,please, feel free to take it and keep it for yourself! Grrrrr!!!!