Welcome New Members! Please Read This.

Sir Bailey- Bowzer, NPC

I'm bigger than- I look.
Barked: Sat Jul 29, '06 6:44pm PST 
Hi! Woof, meow, and welcome to the Big Mouth Pets group!

This is the group for all you pets who love to make noise! If you're new to the group and reading this, please feel free to bark or meow out a letter or forum post about anything you want. You could even introduce yourself here in this thread. That's what the group is for- A place on Dogster and Catster for us loud pets to cyber-woof and cyber-meow!

Welcome again! Thank you so much for joining!

Woofs, Sir Bailey B.
Purrs, Zak
Chloe ~ Itty- Bitty Angel- Kitty

Itty bitty Chloe- kitty
Barked: Sun Sep 23, '07 6:55pm PST 
Meowing and talking is my favorite thing! I just HAVE to tell my humanmom everything that goes on in my day! I talk and talk and talk but she doesn't seem to understand me. Maybe if I meow even more, she'll figure out what I'm trying to tell her..
Sable - ~Love you- Always~

Ride the Wild- Wind
Barked: Sun Sep 23, '07 6:56pm PST 
Our human mom doesn't seem to understand cat language! Humans aren't too smart..


Barked: Thu Sep 4, '08 7:50pm PST 

I chat up a storm! Daddy's still clueless, but Momma has *most* of my sounds figured out; makes my life soooo much easier!!! kitty