Eating catnip?

Ginger Cat

Ginger with- plenty of snap
Barked: Fri Jul 28, '06 2:47pm PST 
Wolfy never showed any interest in catnip until a few days ago when mom brought in some fresh stuff for me. He grabbed it out from under my nose and ATE it!!! Is this normal? I mean, it doesn't really seem like you can enjoy it if you eat it. Does anyone know anything about this? Anyone else like to eat theirs? Is it bad to eat? Let me know....

Purrs, Ginger Cat
Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Barked: Sat Jul 29, '06 10:38am PST 
Eating catnip is ok. It won't hurt us. I love to eat fresh catnip leaves.
Blixa - 1993-2009 my- Angel

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Barked: Mon Jul 31, '06 7:55pm PST 
I like to eat catnip too, that is after I've rolled my head in it for a few minutes...


Xander - Here we go,- Steelers!
Barked: Tue Aug 1, '06 7:35pm PST 
My friend eats catnip like food. His dad puts it on a plate and he laps it up and then acts funny. I lick it sometimes, but I chew at a lot of things.
Ginger Cat

Ginger with- plenty of snap
Barked: Thu Aug 3, '06 7:26am PST 
I figured it probably wouldn't hurt him. He's still just as crazy as ever...I just had never heard of a cat eating it like that. I mean Wolfy just wolfed it down! And right out from under my nose too! How does a cat enjoy it like that? I like to savor mine....and roll in it and lick it and rub my nose on it....ahhhh!
Gotta get some nip,
Ginger Cat