Vote NO to Breed Banning!!

Angel Notch

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Barked: Fri Jul 21, '06 10:24am PST 
Should Dangerous Dog Breeds Be Banned?
Please take the Poll and VOTE NO!!!
Go to:

This is just starting to stress me out, vote people!! I don't know what difference it'll make but there's TOO MANY yes's and not enough no's!!

Following yesterdays attack on a 4 year old girl where she wondered into her neighbours yard, climbed in to the dog enclosure and was mauled by the enclosed hunting dogs.
When are people going to stop blaming the dogs and put fault where it belongs.... For example, WHERE WERE THE GIRLS PARENTS?

Story here:
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Barked: Sun Jul 23, '06 2:23pm PST 
Hi Notch,
I went to that site but there was a new poll question on it,so I suppose I was too late to vote. Dad and I are both opposed to breed bans as any dog has the potential to be nasty if not trained/socialized properly.