Summer Vacations?

Sidney..R.I.- P

silly goose lay- babe
Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 8:53am PST 
Is anyone here going on a summer vacation? I know i'm going to Maryland this weekend to see my big brother !!!!!! i'm so exited! are any of you going to anywhere?

A- Sweetheart!
Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 9:21am PST 
My mommy thinks I went to a doggie amusment park over the rambow! My sister oreo went to Michigan!!!!!!!!!!
Mandy- (10/1/98 - 5/30/13)

Barked: Fri Jul 28, '06 12:24pm PST 
I'm not going anywhere this summer. I have two new sisters now, and I don't think we'll all fit in the car with the 5 humans and all that weird stuff they have to take with them!