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So, how will the food be distributed? I didn't know if you (Oz) had ideas for this already?

I was thinking, maybe it would be a good idea to get some kind of partnership with, or start a sub-program of, homeless shelters? Where homeless people go to get food and to escape the weather?

That way, if they come in with their dog, the dog can have food tailored especially for it, instead of getting scraps. (Sorry if this is what you already had in mind, by the way!)

This can give us for-sure destinations for the food, plus it will be considered a "real" organization for dog food companies if it is a sub-program in a homeless shelter.

We can even ask around cities or ask them to do surveys, to see how many "street dogs" there really are. This way we can get the proper amounts of food out to each city, instead of too much in one city and too little in the next.

puppy I've been doing a lot of thinking, if you couldn't tell. I think this is a great cause.

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That sounds like a great idea Jasmine!

There's another thread about region leaders as well, for better food distrubution and everything.

But the homeless shelters giving food sounds great, we could have like a street team for people who actually bring food with them if they go to the city a lot, and for those who don't, they could organize everything with the soup kitchens.
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I have given this alot of thought too and we have a two shelters in my town and a few others. I would be willing to take on a few towns that are within a 50 mile ratious of me. I know that I would not have to do it alone my friends and family would help me. This is such a wonderful thing.


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If we can kind of sort people into different groups depending on location, then we can have different areas that each of us is responsible for covering.
So if there are 2 people who live rather close together, we could divide major cities or have a schedule (one day person 1 gets town A. then the next day person 2 gets town A)
Or if you don't live near anyone else then you could have a personal schedule (hit town A. one week and town B. next week).

As for distrubution, once we officially qualify as a charitable organization (I'm working on it), we can get some dog food companies to donate food to us or sponsor us. And hopefully they will ship to the different areas for us as well.
If not, I can get it all shipped to me and I can distribute it to everyone else. (That's why I came up witht he idea of region leaders so if it came to one person shipping, they could just send to one person in each area and from there it could be distributed by them)
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our schools have food drives for animals in conjunction with the town shelter, which is very small, no kill. most dogs are fostered out so i guess the food goes to the fosters. we also have a county shelter. with the schools you can get alot of donations. p-mail direct if you think it's an idea worth pursuing, this way i'll get a regular e-mail to remind me to come look at this thread. i forget to check it everyday to see what's happening.

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All great ideas! I am so happy to be involced here! this site is for shelter dogs but I click every day and it is something to consider or at lease take a look at their sponsors

I think that pet stores may be another help I adopted Sammi from a golden retreiver rescuse and PetCo carries their calendars every year for their anual fundraiser.

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Actually I found just a little while ago that the downtown of a city that is actually closer to me than Toronto has a rather high population of street dogs. So I'm going to try going to a soup kitchen and distribute food from there.

I also thought of something else, when we give the food out maybe we could have a sticker or something that is stuck to the package just to say who we are.
Another thing we could have after a lot of prep. would be like a hotline, so someone could call in and say that there is a high number of homeless pups in _______ area or something, or like a dog near death somewhere so we could get someone to check it out whoever is closest or willing to go that far.