What's your favorite dog food?


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Barked: Fri Jul 7, '06 8:33pm PST 
My Mom is currently searching for a good one because she thinks I may be allergic to Organix. Thank you smile

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Barked: Thu Jul 13, '06 9:14am PST 
When Mom got me she quickly found that Science Diet Puppy screwed up my digestion - we think it is because it had too much corn. I either had the runs or was stopped up. There were probably other problems going on to, as I was a rescue dog, but Mom switched my food anyway. I get Nutro - Natural Choice Lamb and Rice Large Breed Puppy - which is actually cheaper than Science Diet anyway. Of course they have it for adult dogs too, and even the lamb and rice kind for large breeds. http://www.nutroproducts.com/

Mom decided on the Lamb and Rice and not their regular large breed food because she thinks it is easier on on my tummy. She said if she remembers right, back in the days when she worked reception at a vet clinic, the dogs with sensitive stomachs would get lamb/rice mix foods. We could probably switch to the regular kind now, but I am happy with what I have.

Mom heard from other people, and read online in several places that Nutro is supposed to be a good food. Some people wont buy it because they think it's costly - but Mom is on a budget, and thinks it's affordable. Besides, she's always not cared about the price of pet food. Sasha, our kitty, has to eat science diet sensitive stomach or she'll puke, so Mom hasn't been able to buy cheap food for a long time anyway. One of her co-workers has her dog on Nutro too - She's the one who told us about it.

One more thing - when you do switch food - take your time. Only mix a little bit of the new food for the 1st week, and gradually over time add a little more as you are gradually decreasing the old food.. I think it took like 3-4 weeks for mom to switch my food.

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I usta use Solid Gold "Wolf King", which was really great. It has salmon and bison in it, but my older sister Hazel has allergies and she is sensitive to wheat. So mommie switched us to Solid Gold "Barking at the Moon" which is gluten free. That makes Hazel's allergies not so bad and it tastes better too.

Mommie didn't realize that there were a LOT more calories in the "Barking at the Moon" and she kept feeding us the same amount, but we both PORKED out! Now she has us on a diet until we lose the weight we both gained.

"Barking at the Moon" is kinda expensive but when you only have to feed half the normal amount it last a lot longer and really isn't any more expensive.

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We use Caribou Creek Silver for my racing team during the racing season. In the off season I feed Eagle Pack HR 30/20 or 26/14. They are high cal, high fat foods and are great for the amount of work we do. Jeff King fed Caribou Creek Gold when he won Iditarod too! Our friends Shadow and sassy are fed the bulk food from animal food warehouse because they dont need the stuff we do.
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We have tried many different brands like (Nutro-Max, Pro-Plan, Natural Life and a few cheaper brands but only one Brand so far has come out on top in regards to: Coat condition, Stomach sensitivity, Taste (likeability), etc and it is Purina One-Lamb and Rice, I also add Venison on workout and race days. My boss also switched her pugs over to it with amazing results. They had real sensitive stomachs but are doing really well on it and their coats are real soft now and they shed alot less. Yeah, it may not be the highest priced or the best ingredients to some but my dogs think so and that's all that matters. The only thing is that it doesn't have enough of Protein for a working dog. That's why I add the venison.