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the destroyer
Barked: Mon Jul 3, '06 11:06am PST 
Ok, we were not going to get another dog for a while, after missing Napoleon for the past 3 and a half years and our failure with Charlotte, but this one just came to us by luck.
So next weekend, we will proudly introduce to you Blue. She is a 2 y.o. Sheltie who can not be bred anymore, so her owner (a relative) will let us have her. She's very sweet and well mannered, and we are very excited about her coming in to our family. The kids just can't wait. Next weekend, when we go and get her, we will get a quick course on how to groom her and other tips on how to keep her happy and active. I will post again with new pics smile
Casper (1990- - 2006)

Barked: Tue Jul 25, '06 7:08pm PST 
So is Blue home with you now?
How are things going??

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