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Smiley - 1995-2009- Doggie Angel

Barked: Fri Jun 30, '06 8:53pm PST 
Hi everybody,
Dad and I just returned from a 3 day hike along the Appalacian Trail near Harrisburg last weekend June 24--26. We had RAIN on our hike to put it mildly! Dad and I had to ford a few swollen streams but we did get in a refreshing swim before all the rain started. It was an exciting trip. I`ve barked more details in my latest diary entry.
Morgan Anna- Maria- Bridge Ange

Have tiara, will- party!
Barked: Mon Jul 3, '06 8:10am PST 
Sounds like a nice hike, minus the rain of course. I'm sure you had a ball!
Smiley - 1995-2009- Doggie Angel

Barked: Mon Jul 3, '06 2:53pm PST 
Hi Morgan,
If all goes well, Dad`s taking me again this weekend as he unexpectedly got another 3 day weekend. The forecast this time is for sunny weather! There is a short video clip of the hike posted on my page. It`s titled " hiking the flooded appalacian trail" Hope you get out for a trip soon!