just wonderin'

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Brownie- (always in- our hearts)

Long Live/Dead- Mutt Rising
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 9:17am PST 
sometimes but not necessarily in bed. we dont sleep in bed together... only when we're by the living room and we fall asleep on the floor laugh out loud

Kitchie the Sosi
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 6:09pm PST 
i sleep anywhere as long as nobody can get out of the bedroom without me knowing it. if it's too hot, i sleep on the floor.. but at dawn, i normally transfer to my parent's bed. i sometimes "steal" the pillow of my mommy.. she's ok with it coz at least i'm sleeping. most of the time, i'm wide awake at dawn keeping watch, esp if i'm in my "hound" mood!

..bark and bark- until you arf!..
Barked: Fri May 4, '07 3:25am PST 
arf arf!!
i always want to sleep in cool places that's why i want to sleep on the floor big grinbig grin but when my mom started to fall asleep very deep, i transfer on her side, i dunno why.. maybe i miss her so much lol.. dog

Bubba Sweet

Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 6:44pm PST 
some nights i sleep with mommy & daddy but most of the time i sleep with my own room.......i have a big pink teaddy bear that i love to hold when i'm sleepinglaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

My Mommy Treats- Me Like A Prince
Barked: Tue Jul 17, '07 4:41am PST 
i sleep with my mommy while my brothers are outside dogs since they're big. but yeah i sleep with her on her bed. even if im only 5 months i know not to go on the bed. i wait till morning...or ill wake her up if i really need to go. my puppy pad is close so no hassle.
Bambi- (Ashanti of- Leigh-La)

To pester people- - that is my- mission!
Barked: Fri Oct 5, '07 5:51am PST 
Well, my special person always wants me to sleep beside her. Problem is, I don't! Hahahahaha wave

(ps: although sometimes, when I'm tired of the coolness of the floor , I stay in her bed and sleep on her pillow. so she has no choice but to sleep without one! dancing)

Bondat Belly
Barked: Thu Aug 28, '08 11:21pm PST 
Yes! I sleep beside mommy and daddy in bed and wake them with kisses on their faces when I'm hungry and want breakfast.

if i can reach- it, i can chew- it!!!
Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 7:44am PST 
nope, i'm not allowed on the bed because i'm so big! but i like jumping on their beds whenever i get the chance to, which drives them crazy, because i do it before i take a bath and right after they change the sheets! happy dance

Barked: Sat Oct 1, '11 6:26pm PST 
nope. I have my own bed. smile

Barked: Mon Oct 10, '11 7:24pm PST 
yes. we share the same blanket. laugh out loud
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