Favorite Place to go In Texas


I'm a Mommy's- girl!!
Barked: Fri Jun 23, '06 5:57pm PST 
Our favorute place to go is Millie Bush bark park and also to Bastrop to my grandparents ranch.. We love to run and play and chase brd, bunnies and whatever else is moving around!

William Wegman- rulez...
Barked: Sat Jun 24, '06 8:47am PST 
My favorite place to go is Turkey Bend Park on Lake Travis! (sigh) Loads of space to roam around with the critters!

I also like to cash in on Mom's favorite place, which is COUNTY LINE BARBEQUE! Nothing like big beef rib bones to chew on!!!! (drool)
Lilu Anja- Loggins

Watch out!- Lilu's Here.
Barked: Fri Feb 9, '07 3:21pm PST 
i LOOOOOVE going to Fort Woof dog park in Fort Worth. I can run and run and run and find other doggies to chase. I am also learning hurdles, hoop jumps, tunnels, and the dogwalk there.


Barked: Sat Sep 22, '07 4:27pm PST 
I live in the country, there is lots of animals for me to chase at all times, My family is looking for other breeders in Texas, do you have and suggestions? please let my mommy know and thanks