A Letter to the MTA

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Psycho Mutt!
Barked: Tue Jun 13, '06 2:46pm PST 
I wrote a letter to Peter S. Kalikow, chairman of the MTA and to Katherine N. Lapp, executive director of the MTA about allowing dogs on the train. I mentioned how I would love to take Butch to Central Park - but had no way to get there. Of course their response was simple - they don't allow dogs unless they fit into a carrier and are on your lap.
Now how am I supposed to get a 50 pound pit bull into a lap carrier??? I say we bombard them with letters allowing us to ride at least during off-peak hours. Even if we pay a fare for the dogs, it's still cheaper than the rest of our options. Pet Taxis can run up to $50 for one hour/one way. And they are not easy to get. It's hard to find a cab driver who will allow dogs. So let's get together and fight!!

I live to chase- leaves!
Barked: Tue Jun 13, '06 2:49pm PST 
Hi, there! It was great to meet you and Butch at the Astoria dog park yesterday. I'm moving away from NYC soon, but I completely agree with you and will definitely help you to get dogs on the train! I have had enough of squeezing 30-lb Atari into a Sherpa bag, straining my arms and going through all sorts of agony just to get Atari to Central Park or even to the vet. It's either that or hire a super expensive pet taxi, or walk over a mile just to get anywhere. The thing is Atari is more well-behaved than some of those small dogs in bags!

canine ninja
Barked: Tue Jun 13, '06 3:36pm PST 
hey, thanks for starting this group. i completely agree, however, i have my doubts that the MTA will allow us to bring dogs onto the trains.
there are, unfortunately, too many forseeable problems; biting, poop, dogs fighting, allergic people, scared people, etc.
i wonder, perhaps, if they'd consider designating one car of each train, a doggie car, or some other compromise. this city has sooo many dog owners and i certainly hope we can find a way.
please let me know if i can help.


Psycho Mutt!
Barked: Tue Jun 13, '06 5:25pm PST 
That's a good idea - maybe the first or last cart for dogs?? About the other issues, I'm betting on the fact that the MTA is greedy. Put up a fine for so called "offenders" - if you don't clean up - pay up. With urine, I doubt there's going to be much of a difference. The trains are by no means urine free lol even without dogs! There has to be something done about the lack of transportation....
I'll start a petition once there are enough people to sign...Please spread the word!

my mookie foo
Barked: Tue Jun 13, '06 10:43pm PST 
Let's get started and do something about this!! I'm sure we can even spread the word in dog runs, vets, grooming salons...etc. I'm willing to pay an extra $2 to see Jubilee happy!
RIP Ginger- 2-3-07

Ginger the- vacuum/la- aspiradora
Barked: Wed Jun 14, '06 7:51am PST 

Ginger and I just joined today. I think this is a great idea about getting dogs on trains...maybe eventually buses but I doubt that. Ginger's daddy and I were discussing this yesterday how without the car one of us can't go anywhere with the baby.

Is there anyway we can all meet up in person and write letters together? I find that hand written letters tend to make the most effect on politicians. Also making them unique and not form like.

Dogster is great but have you thougth of setting up a Meetup group (www.meetup.com) for this? Or maybe there's a NYC dogs group already that would liek to join? this is an awesome cause!

~Paola (Ginger's mami)

Sadie - I love Peace
Barked: Wed Jun 14, '06 9:47am PST 
Boy do i agree with you, I always remind people dog spelled backwards, spells god.

Adopt a dog - save a life
Barked: Wed Jun 14, '06 1:38pm PST 
Your dog actually doesn't need to be in a carrier on your lap - it just needs to be contained. You could bring butch on the subway if he was in a crate and "carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers." The full list of rules is here.

Psycho Mutt!
Barked: Wed Jun 14, '06 1:49pm PST 
Carrying a German Shepard in a crate is not that easy. Also, I live near an outside train station. It's very difficult to put a 50 pound dog in a crate and have to haul him up stairs and carry him around. For larger dogs, I just think it would be fair to allow them on with a leash...

Admire me! Love- me! Pamper me!
Barked: Wed Jun 14, '06 6:21pm PST 
The Metro North lets dogs on as long as they are under the seat no matter which car on the train. But I definitely agree to amending the no dogs policy for the NYC subways. I'll sign the petition and am sure others will rally behind us!
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