Penny, I- Miss You- Sooo Much

Barked: Wed May 24, '06 3:11pm PST 
I LOVE looking pretty. My mom makes me beaded necklaces and buys me fancy collars. My favorite color is pink, especially hot pink and I really like stuff with 'Princess' on it because that's what I am, a Princess. Sometimes my mom even calls me Miss America. She buys me pillows, blankets and even a pink piggy bank- except it is an elephant. I have a pink poodle jewelry box too. But the thing that makes me sad it that I can't wear any of the pretty coats and stuff because they don't fit.

Do any of you have this problem? My mom found a rain coat that adjusts enough but it isn't very pretty. She bought some patterns to sew some, custom made. Has anyone else tried this?

The ledgend- lives on.
Barked: Tue May 30, '06 9:43pm PST 

Zeus can't even fit into MY clothes anymore! LOL! Much less dog clothes! We feel your pain!