Tell Us About Your Chocolate Self !!

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Barked: Wed Nov 11, '09 6:45am PST 
My name is Buddy(AKA Chocolate Mousse). I am a playful,loving friend to the end... My barkday is July 9th. So happy to get friend requests too..wavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewave

I'm all over the- place...
Barked: Thu Nov 12, '09 12:55pm PST 
Hi Buddywave

My name is Casey. I have a wonderful yellow sisfur named Shelby.

I wrote my story on my page and in my diary. Some please come by and read about me, but in a pawents were not planning on getting me and mom said I was a wonderful opportunity and they wanted to help me have a forever family. I was a pound pup for one week until a nice lady rescued me. Mom is friends with the lady, and after she sweet talked dad into raising another puppy,....I had my forever home!big laughbig laughbig laugh

Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 6:16am PST 
Name: Dallas

Age: almost 6 months

Hometown: Olathe, KS

3 things you do for fun: play with my sister and brother, go to the dog park, and play with tennis balls

How much did you cost: $500

Indoor dog or Outdoor? Indoors but I love being outside

Treat of choice: Anything!

Teddy Bear

Never met a lap- I didn't like.
Barked: Fri Apr 2, '10 7:31am PST 
Hi, Buddy, Casey & Dallas !!! wavewavewave

You all sound like really fun pups! Dallas, we like all the same things! I love to go to the park and playing with my brother and sis and I love tennis balls so much I bark 'til Momma throws it. An' Casey, I was in a pound, too, till my Momma found me an' we fell right in love. cloud 9 An' Buddy, I LOVE getting furiend requests, too!! I'm gonna go send YOU one right now!


T. Bear
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