Where's daddy?
Barked: Thu May 18, '06 10:20pm PST 
Welcome to PA-K9's! Settle right in, post some pictures, and tell us a little bit about yourself! We'll be having a blast in no time!

Got treats?
Barked: Thu May 18, '06 10:35pm PST 
Arco and I welcome you to the group! We're always looking to meet new doggies and their two-legged counterparts!

Smiley Bug
Barked: Wed May 14, '08 1:13pm PST 
My family and I are from WB / Scranton Area !

Nice to meet everyone!!


Got treats?
Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 11:59am PST 
Welcome, Dexter and hello to all the other members!
We sure a cute bunch!
Must be the good PA Dutch food.... mmm... sausage and pot pie.
Angel Bubba- D.

Now known as- BUBBA D. //- Training is the
Barked: Tue Sep 2, '08 5:01am PST 
Hi everyone. I'm Bubba from Downingtown, PA. I love to train, which is a good thing because I'll be in training for something for most of my life. For other fun, I go to the dog parks with my Mom. I hope to find alot of friends here and have loads of fun. wave