where did you get your name???

Mozart.Oct- 11/95 to- June 18/06

tummy tummy- tummy!
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How did you come by your name, was it a pick from a hat, the first name your human thought of, a long thought out process, a nickname??? Tell us!
Mozart.Oct- 11/95 to- June 18/06

tummy tummy- tummy!
Barked: Sun May 14, '06 7:42am PST 
I used to howl and cry when I was a baby... Mama said I sounded like Mozart, then when she discovered that I would fall asleep to classical music the name became permanent.
Jacob- (04/26/95 to- 03/16/07)

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My name used to be Shadow... Mom said I needed a name that had some dignity and hadn't been yelled at me. Shortly after I was adopted we discovered that a mere few blocks away lived another dog named Shadow, he was a Husky Mix too, and lo and behold, he too had been rescued from a farm in Bourget, as a 4 day old puppy, on April the 30 1995! He was my BROTHER!!! Shadow's human brother was named Jacob, and thus, my Mom named me after him. My brother still lives just down the street!

Gracie Hope

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Well believe it or not, my Mom had a pet naming contest on her website for me.... and the truth is that Gracie was the second runner up name, and Hope was the name suggested by the founder of BARK, the rescue I come from, who my Mama was fostering for at the time....My REAL name... please don't laugh... the FIRST PLACE winning name WAS....... drum roll please.............................................................. .............................


yup... that's me, Mama thought Gracie Hope was easier to say...
Mama's little neice Hannah still won first prize.

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My daddy picked my name from a Pink Floyd song off the Metal album. The song says "I was in the kitchen, Seamus that's the dog was outside" and there is a dog howling in the background.

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Barked: Tue May 30, '06 10:20am PST 
I had a different name before I was rescued but I didn't answer to it. My mom isn't sure why but she didn't like the name so well so she named me after the state she got me from. I now live in Michigan so she drove 3 hours to pick me up from the rescue.

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My name before I was adopted was Zulu. My mom didn't like that so she named me Oliver after Oliver Twist.
Drover ~Sweet Angel Boy~

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Barked: Tue Oct 17, '06 5:36am PST 
My name was Salty at my old place. My owner got real sick and couldn't take care of me. I got into trouble, landed in jail.
Anyway, my new family had a terrible time remembering my name. They called me: Sneezy, Snoopy, Skippy, plenty of others. Then one of them said I looked like Drover from the Hank the Cowdog books. I had had a mega haircut because I was a matted mess at the other house. And I really do look like Drover. There's a drawing of him on my Dogster page. I learned my new name real fast. I am a smart guy.
Cindy (RIP)

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Hello, thank you for allowing me to join this group. As far as my family knows, my name has always been Cindy. I've lived at a couple of other places. My breed, Australian Kelpie, are herding dogs. I don't like to herd cows or sheep. I do remember being called #@$%$#&*Cindy!
I have found my calling watching and herding cats. It is truly fulfilling. My new family is fine with me being a housedog. I am no longer a working girl, so to speak.