The Dogster Dish: Rattlesnake Season at Ed is Upon Us

Maya - (1/22/04 - 4/25/09)

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Barked: Tue May 2, '06 12:22am PST 
The Dogster Dish: Rattlesnake Season at Ed is Upon Us
Newsletter Vol. 1 Edition 1..... 5/1/06

Top Story:
If you go to Ed - be on the look out....
Carmen and Eileen were at Ed Levin today where a baby rattlesnake was seen by the bench closest to the parking lot. (Mort the beagle's mom found it). It buried itself in the elephant grass to hide - Of course, no ranger was on duty.

Not that they might do anything. This reporter has word that when items need to be done/addressed the rangers plead ignorance and tell dog park attendees that it is a City of Milpitas run dog park (a/k/a responsibility).

As you may know, baby snakes are more dangerous than adult snakes since they cannot control their bite and leave more venom. Since Maya (California Cow) and Freyjir enjoy exploring the fence line, Carmen & Eileen will be looking at other options (LG Trail, Vasona, etc)until the egg hatching season has progressed.

Delmas anyone?

Other News:
Bree our favorite Newfoundland (sorry Beau) sustained a bite to the nose by a pesky border collie this past Saturday evening.

Call this reporter a snob - It's obvious that this border collie is not related to nor does it have the training our of favorite BC's (Cosmo / Lainey).

Emily & Mike are taking good care of our girl. Here's to a speedy recovery. "Taz be nice to Bree!"

Where in the World News:
Eileen & Maya saw Kenzie and her owners at ED on Saturday. This reporter was wondering where our favorite pit/staf girl went - a while back some weirdo guy accused Kenzie of biting him but wouldn't show his hand. Butt head liar!

In other news... Carmen & Eileen were walking the Los Gatos Creek Trail a week or so ago, when Carmen spotted Chynna and Duke. (Sadly their owner Russell, died this past year). Our unemployed (a/k/a goofing off) team, talked with the nice woman and it seems that she is now taking care of our old friends following up on a previously discussed wish of Rus'). Duke is growing and Chynna was a bit aloof.

Owner News:
Eileen & Maya went swimming Sunday and talked to Jimbo about all the excitement of the Sharks in the playoffs. They both were expecting the water to be higher due to the amount of rain we were hit with this winter It was quite low but with some sudden drop offs. Lot's of room for owners to stand as their dogs enjoy the cool water.

Hopefully it will fill up

Eileen brought plenty of squeek toys for Norm and Ahja as well as all the other dogs to play with at Sunday Swims. It's gonna be tougher to keep them from floating away if the water level stays at it's current level.

Got any Dish?

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Maya, Freyjir, Carmen and Eileen... Thanks for all the good info... I can't believe I missed baby snake.. which I probably would have tried to chase....kenzie and bree and baker... and swimming.. and all the nice weather that is happening. These days my Mom is only able to occasionally take me to Delmas Dog park after 5:30 pm. if we are lucky. I am planning on swimming on sunday. hope to see you all soon. Ahja.. and kb too.