What do you like to herd?


Good dog!
Barked: Fri Apr 28, '06 8:01pm PST 
There are no sheep in my house or yard, so I herd the cats!

Ruby- I am the- princess!!
Barked: Mon May 1, '06 9:11pm PST 
I like to chase bugs, lizards, birds, and small rodents!! I herd them right and left and then I like to put a stop on them. I also enjoy fence work, when my mom drives out the gate.

Woofs and Licks
Barked: Sun May 7, '06 3:45pm PST 
I don't herd our cats - they don't play fair!!!!!
I herd Lottie instead - thats the JRT she's much more fun!!!!

If she wont play then I'll herd balls, or anything else really. I only do it when I get excited though!!!!

Woofs and Licks


Jesus is the- Savior
Barked: Tue May 30, '06 4:21pm PST 
Prefer Cattle but will herd Sheep and goats also