Chloe M

The Blogging- Doggie
Barked: Fri Apr 28, '06 6:45am PST 
I don't have a docked tail. Magoo is glad. I look cute with the long tail. We have concerns about the cosmetic procedure. Dogs are born with tails, why do human chop them off the dogs? Scnoodles are being docked just because it is traditional to dock the schnauzer and poodle. Some animal rights groups and vet practices are against dogging unless done for medical reasons. Surfing around, it appears most breeders dock schnoodle tails. They will leave the tail undocked if you've got your name in ahead of the puppy's arrival and some charge an additional deposit for this.

Originally, docking took place on small size dogs who were used to chase and hunt down vermin and such. It would allow the human to grap hold of the dog and pull him out of a burrow or the like without hurting the dog. A docked tail became like a handle.

Another reason for docking was to protect the tail from injury on breeds that hunt and work. Sometimes their activities put them in danger of damaging their tails.

Docking must take place in the first few days of a puppy's life while the tail is still soft and the nervous system undeveloped. They SAY it is not painful at this point.

Seems to us it makes sense if your dog is going to be a working or hunting dog. But, schnoodles are companion dogs. They don't need to have docked tails.

We're thinking that if there is no practical reason to have a tail docked, don't bother. In fact, we love our long tail and would recommend it to any schnoodle.

If you are considering putting your name in for a schnoodle, consider requesting the tail not be docked. Why put your puppy through that for cosmetics or tradition.

How about you guys out there? Do you have long tails or docked tails?

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Barked: Fri Apr 28, '06 11:01am PST 
I am not docked and I love my long tail big grin The "breeder" my Mom and Dad got me from said they docked our tails... but there is no way my tail was docked because it is super long compared to my sister Solei's tail.

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Barked: Fri Apr 28, '06 11:02am PST 
I was docked at 2 days old... I don't remember it at all, although Mommy wishes she had a choice but the procedure was done before she picked me out. Everyone comments at how cute my little, stubby tail is when I wag it fast.


Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 10:01pm PST 
While my stub of a tail is cute, I wish I wasn't docked. Natural tails are better!