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Barked: Wed Apr 26, '06 9:55pm PST 
My mama has a really hard time at work because no one really understands how important I am to her. She is always trying to show off my Dogster page and pictures to her coworkers. They will take a look but do not really care that much. To her I am like her child and she likes to brag about me just as much as any other mama likes to brag. When she needs to take time off because she needs to take me to the vet or some other doggie related activity they dont understand. Do any of your humans have this same problem? Her friends dont really understand either. They all think she is crazy. She always hears those awful words "its just a dog". But we all know, to our humans we are not just dogs, we are Super DOgs!!!

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Barked: Thu Apr 27, '06 6:42am PST 
My human may be a little goofy over me, but she is definitely not crazy. Others think she is crazy, but she really doesn't care! Mom doesn't have kids yet, so right now I am her baby. I will always be her baby thats for sure, but non-pet people just don't understand how much we mean to our parents. There are people who "own" pets and then there are "pet lovers". Our parents fall into the lover category. They just have a special bond with us that not many people can figure out. My mom always gets crazy looks and some stupid comments when she talks so much about me, but she has learned to ignore it. Her boss and co-workers sometimes laugh when she talks so much about me, but she doesn't care. Mom is lucky, she has one co-worker who is as insane about dogs as she is, and he will listen to every single story mom has about me!! Mom is also lucky because about 1/4 of a mile from our house we have this magnificent, FREE, dog only, fully fenced in 1 acre park where we go every single day to play. Every other parent there is just as goofy over their dogs as my mom is and they talk and brag about us, non-stop. It's a dog heaven there! Non-pet people just haven't realized the joy of loving a pet so much. Where else on earth can one get such unconditional love for such a small price?? Mom understands how your mom feels though. Sometimes, people don't understand the priority we take in our parent's lives. My mom takes vacation time from work not to go out shopping for a day, but to be able to take me to the vet for my shots, or the groomer or something else I may need. My health, my security, my comfort is much more important to her than a day at the beach, so she will gladly take a day off work to spend with me!! I love that. Mom and I are the best of buddies. So, no, our parents aren't crazy, I think the rest of the world, who doesn't love dogs and other pets the way our parents do, are crazy and missing out on some of the best love in the world!!
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Barked: Thu Apr 27, '06 4:55pm PST 
My mom is definitely crazy but not for the reasons you're talking about! She does really crazy things like stand outside during a thunderstorm or play with the very, very dangerous vacuum cleaner. Sometimes I think she must have a death wish! Anyway, she works with a few other people who are nuts about their dogs too so she comes home and tells me lots of stories about the other dogs. One co-worker even brings her great-big Bernese to work and mom even stops what's she's doing to play with him! Hmph! We need to work on her sense of loyalty too.


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Barked: Thu Apr 27, '06 8:08pm PST 
My mom and dad were just talking about this the other day. Luckily they have some friends that are just as devoted to thier dogs, but my mom's coworkers think she is strange because she wanted to take me to an easter egg hunt and she takes me to the park every weekend. My daddy's family kind of acts the same way, they don't understand how attached my parents are to me. They don't have any human children either, but they say they would do all the same stuff with me even if they did have kids. I developed Epilepsy last August, so my health is extremely important to them and they have to ensure I get my medication on a regular schedule. A lot of what they do now revolves around me so that I can get my medication and don't have seizures, I think some people think that is too complicated and a hassle. They never complain though!
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Barked: Sat Aug 4, '07 11:18am PST 
applause Hey Casey! Way to go, this is a great topic! Our people are always trying to justify what we do to other people who don't get it. They deserve a little appreciation from us. Personally, I think my Mommy is great! She's completely sane and normal... not crazy at all. "Crazy" would be if she never adopted me, or my new baby sisters, or my horsie big brothers.... "crazy" would be if she never called out "sick" on really nice days to play with us and take us places,... "crazy" would be if she bought herself new clothes or stuff instead of food and treats and vet visits for us all.... "crazy" would be if she used most of her $$ to pay her own bills every month and if there was any left over then buy the things we needed, instead of the other way around... The really crazy humans are the ones who use that horrible phrase "just a dog" or "just an animal". Because really, that kind of discrimination probably doesn't stop there. Those humans are the ones who say things like "just a kid", "just an old person", "just a worker", just just just... watch out for those crazy nut-jobs! And maybe when no one is looking, poop on their lawns! heheheheehshh

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Barked: Sat Dec 1, '07 12:36pm PST 
she keeps taking my picture. puts me in a basket, puts me in a drawer, puts me in clothes, made me wear a hat. she really is crazy because when she takes my picutes and I am not looking she says "wanna go in the car" and she just keep taking my picture. i wish she'd make up her mind. But it's worth it because everytime i see that camera i see treats! she could break them into bigger pieces though! she gives me the beggin strips. and only gives many 1/2 an inch piece. how cheap!