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Barked: Mon Apr 24, '06 11:34am PST 
just wanted to let you guys know of some good stores to buy dog products at. I went to target this weekend and i loved their new shabby chic collection for dogs. it is the same type of print as the bedding collection, but picture it on dog bowls, beds, dresses, collars, carriers, even a teddy bear,and a tin sign for over your dog's bed.

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Barked: Mon May 1, '06 7:11pm PST 
i know i go there to but i forgot abou it.............
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Barked: Mon Jun 26, '06 7:45pm PST 
For really great carriers try I got the most beautiful brocade purse for puff that was just her size.


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Barked: Wed Jul 19, '06 10:42am PST 
If you are looking for unique dog clothes, beds, etc, you should check out my mommy's site:
She gives free shipping to all dogster members(just reply to your order confirmation email with dogster in the title)
Dakota Stone

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Barked: Tue Aug 1, '06 6:43am PST 
Try my shop at

We have a great variety of tees and collars. Our claim to fame is our custom tank tops. If you have a saying you would like for your pup's t-shirt we can make just about anything!

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Barked: Sun Aug 5, '07 7:50am PST 
Try Molly's Pet Boutique. They sell really cute baby doll dresses and loads of different kinds of harnesses and collars. I met the dog who 'runs' it at the DID dog fashion show and she was wearing the cutest tee ever! Her shop is down the road from us so we don't have to go shopping on the net the whole time which is really cool! big grin

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Barked: Thu Mar 27, '08 9:50am PST 
Lulu and I love to shop! We go to our favorite store, Citipets, every weekend to say our hellos, get yummy treats and check out the goods.
Daddy made a website for me ( and there is a shopping section that list the pet stores in the Bay Area. Mommy has taken me to visit most of the stores listed there.