Mutz: The Urban Underdog


If it smells and- taste-'s poo
Barked: Tue Apr 11, '06 7:59pm PST 
I'd like to take the time real quick since it is the ASPCA anniversary to welcome a new hero that fights for the prevention of cruelty of animals. Her Name is “ Mutz: The urban Underdog “!!! She looks a lot like me and likes a lot of the same things, but we are not the same people. I mean if you have ever seen Spider-man you would know that Peter Parker is not the Spider legend!!! Exactly!!!

When neglect and abuse continue to scare,
Evildoers and thugs better beware!

A new hero roams our city streets,
Tracking and capturing with unbelievable feats.

This masked caper upholds and restores the laws,
Break them and you'll feel the grip of her paws.

With a sniff from her nose and a wave of her tail,
She rounds up criminals and sends them directly to jail.

If you're ever in danger and need some help,
She'll throw you a bone that is attached to her belt.

A true hero that appears straight out of the fog,
You can always count on help from "Mutz: The Urban Underdog!"

Cutie Big Nose!- :)
Barked: Mon May 1, '06 9:04pm PST 

~Kifa the founder of Poo Flavered Toothpasrte for dogs AKA Poopaste.