Hello fellow Retriever Pups!


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Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 10:25am PST 
Hi Everybody! My name is Parker and I have some Lab retriever in me and I think the other part is maybe golden retriever, but no one really knows for sure. My sister Page looks like a lab except for a little tuft of brown hair on her left hip. But I'm pretty new to Dogster and I just found this group today and I joined! I hope to meet a lot of other retriever puppies and become good friends.

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Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 1:37pm PST 
Hi! All the vet knows is that we're mostly Yellow Lab and Golden. Beyond that - it's anybody's guess what we are. smile We started out all pale, but now we're starting to get more of a golden coloring to us. Of course, my brother Luke has a solid purple tongue, so that kida gives some hints as well. I just have some purple speckles, so I could be anything. The one thing mommy, daddy, and the vet all agree on is that I have all the energy of a lab puppy! I can jump so that my back end is as high as mommy's shoulders (especially when she's just bought an ice cream cone!). Hope to meet more Retreiver mix puppies - or really any doggies. We miss obedience school, when we got to hang out with lots of other doggies every week.

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