Show and Tell Friday May 9 and 10th

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Barked: Sat May 10, '14 9:00pm PST 
I've got a Tell. Today I thought it was my birthday. In the morning Mom AND DAD took me to the Rose Bowl for a three mile walk. I couldn't believe that Dad went wiff us. I got to show off to my dad how I'm just like a heat seeking missile when I walk. I started off real strong, but then I started to slow down after two miles. To reasons: 1) Dad took his time getting us to the Rose Bowl cuz he didn't want to rush which meant that it was getting pretty warm around noon time; and 2) I had to poop so I kept looking for the curb. I finally found an area wiff a curb and I pooped really good.

Then we all went to breakfast! I couldn't believe it. I had eggs and sausages. Yummy. Then we came home and took a nap.

THEN....DAD cooked me up a steak that he found in the freezer and I had that for dinner! I couldn't believe it! Was it my birthday or is this some trick they're playing on me cuz they're really not taking me to Cambria and this is there way of letting me down easy????? I don't know but it was a good day for me!