Late Show and Tell April 11th 2014

Savannah aka- Banners!

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Barked: Fri Apr 11, '14 8:00pm PST 
Talker, the basenji who Cried Wolf!

Oh boy do I have a Tell for you. Well let me tell you what happened this late afternoon. Mom has been home sick all week. Actually gramma was at our house sick too. So Talker was home wiff mom all week but she was too sick to really pay much attention to him. So this afternoon mom felt a bit better and took him for a walk. Well they just got started when they saw the elderly Miss Minnie who was taking her afternoon walk. Mom always stops and talks wiff her cuz she nice and mom always gives her pictures of our xmas cards and Talker's Valentine Day's cards. She really likes Talker. She liked me too and more but now she only likes Talker.

Anyway, they chatted awhile and talker got whinny and they moved on. Then mom saw her other friend who walks Sage who will be 18 on April 18th! Way to go Sage! Oh pawsitive paws for Sage who is going to the vet on Saturday cuz he hasn't been feeling too well.

Anyways, Talker was getting upset cuz they were now heading home. So they said their good byes and moved on.

Well Talker had to pooped and then he did his boy dawg patch out on the grass. After he got off the grass he started limping and holding up his paw. Mom checked it and checked it and couldn't find anything. All the way home Talker kept licking and limping.

Then they get home and all the way I'm telling mom that Talker is faking it cuz he wants attention. But then Talker starts making that funny face of his like when he's gonna throw up and sure enough! He throws up! That yellow stuff. He did it three times! Then he's running around the backyard and panting and running in the house and tearing up the beds by digging to china! Mom keeps checking him but sees nothing so she thinks he needs a benadryl. She she tries to get the tiny pill in his mouth but Talker ain't having it; nope not at all -- not wiff cheese, not wiff dog food, nada!

Talker is just really playing up the scene. Mom takes a wet towel and wipes him down and wipes his paws and tries to cool him down, but nope...Talker is acting it up!

I yell at mom, Take him to the VET cheer
Cuz I know he's faking it. So mom calls up the emergency vet and hauls Talker to the car.

Then Talker is in the car and he's shaking his paw and he's holding it up like it's hurting him big time. He's going for the Oscar now! But the thing is that he doesn't know he's going to the vet cuz mom had to take him to the after hours vet and he's never been there.

So they get inside and suddenly....yeah..just like that, Talker starts walking normal. The he's not panting anymore. The lady vet comes out and gives mom paper work and mom is about to sign him up, but Talker gets all calm and serious about the situation so mom waits. Then she tells the lady she's going to sit and wait for a bit. Then mom takes Talker outside and walks him around the block and Talker is walking and acting all normal CUZ HE FAKED THE WHOLE THING!!!

He realized he was at the vet's office and he cut the act right then and there!

So they came home and now he's all quiet and embarrassed.

Now mom is all mad at Big Daddy cuz she called him three times but he didn't pick up his phone.

That's my tell!

Savannah aka- Banners!

Banners on the- Run! NOT!
Barked: Thu Apr 17, '14 9:03pm PST 
shrug a no show. It's because I had already posted this on that darn facebook.

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Mom would have whooped my butt! shock

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Hi Rikki!
Mom was soooo worried about me that she didn't mind me crying wolf.