Show and Tell Friday April 4th!

Savannah aka- Banners!

Banners on the- Run! NOT!
Barked: Fri Apr 4, '14 6:54am PST 
Attention Bratz!

April 6 is our anniversary!!!! We've been here since 2007! cheercheercheercheercheercheer Make sure your pawrents give you CAKE!!!!

So happy that it's Friday. cheercheercheer

I hope Talker gets a bath this weekend! cheercheercheer

Mom spilled soda on him a few days ago cheercheercheercheer She said it wasn't on purpose but I know it was. cheercheercheercheer

Now he's sticky. cheercheercheercheer

and Stinky! cheercheercheercheer

Those are the two requirements for a bath!cheercheercheercheer

And Talker meets those requirements! cheercheercheercheercheer

Happy Friday Bratz!!! flowers