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Show and Tell March 14, 2014

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Barked: Fri Mar 14, '14 8:07am PST 
My show is a no show -- mom and dad left me to go see the dodgers spring training in Phoenix! Gramma is staying wiff me. "what gramma? Yeah sure I'll take another chicken taco if you insist."

It ain't too bad here wiff gramma. But she don't do much wiff me but tell me to get off the bed cuz she wants to wash the sheets. "What gramma? Sure I'll take a scramble egg and sausage too, if you don't mind."

The dog walker will be here today. It's hot over here so I hope he don't run me too much. "What gramma? oooh yeah I love to get a pizza tonight. Your treat? Cool!"

Well that's my tell. What's yours?


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Barked: Sat Mar 15, '14 9:25am PST 
Well mom got her new phone so i will see if I can steal I so I can post more often. Like I posted on that other site Stitch and I had to go to the vet on Monday. After I was done there they brought me home and they went shopping with out me. But mom got her phone and then they went and got pizza and brought it home to eat, they got some dessert pizza and it was yummy. The other pizza was good too but mom said it had stuff on life that is not good for us pups. But she did pick off some of the ham and gave it to Lucy and I. Stitch is feeling much better now that he got rid of all his bad teeth.
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

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Barked: Sun Mar 16, '14 10:06pm PST 
Well I don't and I wish sometime would get tyou


Barked: Tue Mar 18, '14 6:03pm PST 
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Barked: Sun Mar 23, '14 5:28am PST 
Oh sorry did a copy and paste and looks like she pasted the wrong words here and didn't check it.

But the great thing is that you got PIZZA!!!!!! snoopy
I didn't get pizza with gramma. Instead gramma reported my behavior to my mom while they were away. Seems like gramma and me have a miscommunication situation going on. She thinks that when I do my grrrrrrrrs (my low chortles) that I'm growling. AND she thinks when I let out that one loud bark at her that I'm mad but what I'm trying to do is get her attention and give me a treat.

Mom keeps trying to explain to her but she just don't get it shrug

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Barked: Sun Mar 23, '14 5:47pm PST 
Don't feel bad Talker my gma doesn't understand half of what I am trying to tell her and we live together.