Show and Tell March 7

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Barked: Thu Mar 6, '14 7:53pm PST 
Friday Show and Tell March 7
Talker: First I want to give a shout out to our Pal Patan who is back showing us that nothing is getting him down. You are the coolest and the best looking pup in shades!

My Tell is that I had my senior wellness exam on Monday and although I passed the initial go thru (I'm still waiting for the blood test results) with the vet, mom told the vet that my hearing is almost loss or completely loss. Hard to say right now. Mom has noticed for about four weeks now that I seem to not be hearing very well.

Mom and dad would walk thru the front door and I would be right there because I hear their car....but now....I don't hear them coming in. Last night my dad walked right into the house talking and saying my name. I was on the couch just staring at mom and not hearing a thing. It wasn't until he touched me right next to me that I saw him. So mom says that they will make sure not to startle me or sneak up on me. Thanks mom.

So the new dynamic duel on the block is Patan and me! We will have super duper senses. Patan will be able to Hear better and I will be able to See better and together we will join forces. Are senses will be so keen that we will be the Super Paws of Justice of Sight and Sound!!!

*Talker and Patan put their paws together for justice!*


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Barked: Sun Mar 9, '14 3:28pm PST 
Well my tell for the week is that mom is taking me to the vet tomorrow. I think I heard her say something about shots. I am not happy about that at all but I also heard her say something about going shopping and that she is picking up pizza at a place call the Pizza Ranch. I guess they will be donating 20% of you check to a no kill shelter. So I guess if I get pizza I will will deal with the shots, but I will throw a fit. Mom is going shopping mainly to get a new cell phone, I can't wait to play with that. I will make sure to put a dogster link on it so she can check in here more often. I don't want BBratz to disapper.
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

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Barked: Wed Mar 12, '14 1:36pm PST 
I went to the vet too -- last week.
Mom got my blood results and everything is fine wiff me. My calcium is very slightly low and the vet says that it's not enough to do anything about it now because it might do more harm than good. If it were really really low, then I would have to have something done to raise my level back up. But other than that..nothing else is wrong wiff me except my hearing. snoopy

I don't want the bbratz to do either.