Show and Tell January 24

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Barked: Thu Jan 23, '14 10:15pm PST 
eek Oh MY Dawg! Friday is National Peanut Butter Day!!!! Denny!!! Did you know this? Did your mom try to hide this from you? Are you putting your paws into the jars of peanut butter and double licking??????? and tell.....

Banners is passing out foil hat. Please put them on and follow the instructions that banners passed out. Hats are to be worn at all times. Dogster and Say Media have a lot of information on us and they DO NOT need to gather our secret thoughts inside our minds.

Keep your foil hats on at all times.

that's the link to Paradise. I hope you'll all remember to go there between now and March 3. WE will be there to say our good nites.


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Barked: Fri Jan 24, '14 5:39pm PST 
My tell is that Mom and Dad say I am doing GREAT on my thyroid meds. Mom says I've shaved years off of my appearance and behavior. I think so too. I feel great!!!! dancingdancingdancingdancingdancing

Miss Dixie Monroe is having a good-bye pawty probably on March 2nd. I'll keep everyone posted on the time and which thread to use. We'll be there with our tin foil hats on!
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Barked: Sat Jan 25, '14 7:43am PST 
That's great Patan and yes keep us informed about where to be for the pawtee!

We're also planning on meeting on Paradise Island that weekend too. Well we're there now so stop by and have a few dogeritas!

the group is open to everyone!