Happy New Years Basenji Bratz!

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Barked: Mon Dec 30, '13 7:44pm PST 
In a few more days, 2013 will be over and we will start another new year - 2014. I want to wish you all more health and happiness and loads of love and treats. I hope your pawrents have a wonderful and happy new year.

The year was rough for us with my mom, work and family. Mom had some major disappointments with her legal case and the justice system -- or actually the lawyers she was involved with, but she's glad that she met a good lawyer who was honest with her.

The good of this all is that her niece had a beautiful baby girl and that her niece got off drugs. That her niece is so far living a life of sobriety. Baby Josephine has given new life to grandma and has given her a chance to open that heart of hers to a new life. All that is good.

We hope that things will get better with Lauren and Baby J and all of us.

We can only strive to make 2014 a better and happier year!


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Barked: Tue Dec 31, '13 2:13pm PST 
We wish all of our friend and furiends the very best in 2014! WE're so glad to have all of you as friends. What lucky pups and people we are. hug

We spent NYE quite well. Mom had a fever which made her nice and toasty to snuggle with. AND she spent all day in bed! dancingdancingdancingdancingdancingdancing I'm sorry she felt bad, but I think we all had a nice snuggle. cloud 9

I started my thyroid medication. I hope to be feeling much more myself in 2014. We'll keep you all posted.

Wishing you all a very happy, festive and SAFE New Year's Eve! partypartypartypartypartyparty

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Barked: Wed Jan 1, '14 11:36am PST 
Happy New Year to all Bratz and their hooooomans! Here's wishing for a barooootiful 2014. smile

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Barked: Wed Jan 1, '14 11:43am PST 
Happy New Year Bratz! We hope that 2014 is wonderful for all of you…and us too. We know that there are going to be some disappointments and sorrows, but we have our friends to help us through the rough patches. Our hope is that we see the the beauty in everyday things and always see the best in people. That we experience more joy than sorrow and take time to take care of ourselves.

Momma Laura..this is a new year for you, Tee and Big Daddy. The past is just that and your family has a beautiful gift in Baby Josephine. We hope that this year brings you many joys.

Momma Kim…we hope you're feeling better today. Patan..once those meds kick in you'll feel fine! Wonder if that means you'll chew on more things or less things thinking

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Barked: Wed Jan 1, '14 2:43pm PST 
Well, so far I think the medication is making my toots more powerful. Twice Mom and Dad have found poo pebbles in the house. I must be launching them unintentionally. red face
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Barked: Wed Jan 1, '14 7:15pm PST 
oooh Patan.....you're so very sensitive. hughughughughug

I forgot to mention that Today is Brady's birthday! partypartypartypartypartypartyparty

Mom went to Lynn Rust (brady's mom) page on FB and saw the SSS photos. Go check them out okay?
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Barked: Wed Jan 1, '14 7:16pm PST 
Also....Ivee (Tag and Taj) today is her chosen birthday and she is 11 years old!


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Barked: Thu Jan 2, '14 5:17pm PST 
Happy barooooooday to Ivee and Brady!!!!! partypartypartypartypartypartyparty