Show n Tell December 20

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Barked: Fri Dec 20, '13 10:03pm PST 
Our tree is up and decorated. Mom is going to put my presents under the tree along with Baby J's gifts.
Update on baby is that she will be living with her mom in a sober living place. Moms niece wants to try to make it on her own and be close to her support groups. It's not what we thought was going to happen as mom has been getting my room ready for their arrival.

Mom knows she has done and said all she could say to her niece. Now she has to keep encouraging and support her niece. She is welcome to come live with us anytime.

We still will see the baby and she will spend time with us but not full time.

So that's it with us. It's been a trying month for mom. Her case and stuff with the baby and her nieces court. The judge praised all that she has done so at least she's off to a good start and hopefully she will stay strong and focus.

So I gotta go. Mom is falling asleep on me cloud 9

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Barked: Sat Dec 21, '13 2:59pm PST 
hughughughughughug To you Momma Laura! You guys really did a wonderful thing for that baby. Dad says so too! You guys have lots of good karma headed your way.

I guess you all know my tell for the week. I ate the plastic container that Dad keeps his travel receipts in. I didn't throw up with hydrogen peroxide like I usually do, so Mom and Dad were worried. Over the last couple of days, I've puked pieces up on my own, and this morning pieces started coming out the other end.

I went to the vet this morning and she said I look good and she isn't worried about an impaction. She gave me some Pepcid to take to help with any irritation of the stomach and esophagus from the throwing up. I also got my thyroid rechecked because Dad says I'm sluggish on my walks. I was a little on the low side last time. If it's low again, we'll probably try to treat it with medication.

Mom's had a migraine today, so I don't want to keep her on the computer. We'll check in later. Just wanted to give everyone an update.
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Barked: Sun Dec 22, '13 7:24am PST 
Oh Patan....technically this falls under the naughty category once again. Technically I will have to fill out the proper paper work and get it quickly to PE Deadworry Rabbit. However...... hughug because of you are paying for your deed in a most sad way....I'll ..... I guess I'll......

tear up the forms!!!!

flowers feel better Patan and don't eat the flowers.

Monday is Talker's 13th birthday and mom and dad are suppose to take him out to breakfast this Sunday.

big hug


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Barked: Sun Dec 22, '13 10:43am PST 
Talker, yay for ur tree. We are behind on the story about the baby, but it sounds like it worked out well so YAY!!

Patan, we are all so relieved that your ok!! Mommy's worst nightmare is plastic.

We are on diets!!! Well some of us... right here at the holidays!!!! It's horrible, except I think it means were gonna get big bones from Santa Paws!!!!

Mommy is feeling better and getting stronger, which we love!!!

Farrah, Ruby and Joan are here for the holidays, and so far it's been fun and all about us!!!! We got some great cards in the mail from some of u guys Thank You!!! We love them and save them in our friends scrapbook. Mommy said she is hoping we get to do cards next year, she misses it.

We will be back soon to share our loot!! We are SO EXCITED!!!!!

HUGS!! (Mommy said the smilies don't work right on the Kindle Fire)

OH and I'm supposed to say our "New" pics on here with the lights, are from last year, Mommy said I had to tell cause poor sister Farrah was still a little fat last year... what mom?..... and she's not fat anymore!!! K Mom? Good?

Happy Holidays to all!!!!

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Barked: Tue Dec 24, '13 9:55am PST 
Oh, I did it this time…oh, I'm in so much trouble…..oh, I bet Santa paws is going to take my presents away…oh, I was A. VERY. BAD. GIRL.

I bit Momshockeekshock

I didn't really mean to, really Mr. Rabbit guy…not like I mean to eat your bunnies…..NOOOO, I was just SO overcome with excitement and wanted to get to fat little Chi Peaches that something came over me and I bit mom in the calf because I couldn't get to THAT LITTLE DOG! Not only am I in the dog house but our walk got shortened too. I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sorry..really I am!cry
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Barked: Tue Dec 24, '13 10:05am PST 
I'm not talking to Zuni either…I like our LONG walks…not short, mom has to get home because there is blood running down her leg walks.

Momma L…you and Big Daddy have done a wonderful thing helping Baby J get such a good start in life. I know it's got to be sad not having her there everyday, she IS precious, but she has some of the best God-parents in the whole wide world and you guys will always be there for her and Lauren. It's a good sign that Lauren wants to be near her support group and she is hopefully finding some new good friends that will keep her on the path she needs to be on. It's going to be a wonderful first Christmas for Baby J and that is in such a huge part because of you and Angel…and of course your mother who has done so much for her too.

Patan… QUIT eating things your'e not supposed to! We're glad that everything seems to have come out…and in the two ways it should have. The cutting open part isn't the best option.
If you have to take those thyroid pills, it isn't bad…you get extra food with them! big grin

Sheena…we're glad to see you guys back and kudos to your mom for being her! She has spunk and such a positive attitude that we know everything is going to be just fine! Diets…ugh, I am on a forever diet. I have learned to like all kinds of those vegetable things…mom fills my bowl with them. I hope Santa gives you all EXTRA big bones!
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Barked: Wed Dec 25, '13 9:10am PST 
I won't say anything. Maybe Santa is too busy and has already checked his naughty list twice. eek