It's Finally Over

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Barked: Tue Dec 17, '13 11:27am PST 
Last Tango

I started to write this yesterday but got super busy with Life. it is.
My case settled on Sunday. Had to go to court on Monday to make it official.
The thing is that it didn't settle for the zillions that my attorney burned into my head. It was wayyyyy less than all that.
I had to fire my attorneys as you may recall. My attorney and trial attorney were doing nothing to get ready for my trial and the trial atty was planning on postponing until next spring. EVEN after the judge told him there would be no more postponements. After I tried to get a hold of him one month before the trial, he sends me this stupid email and then basically tells me that he will ask for a continuance and when I questioned him, he failed to answer me and also failed to show up at the final status conference.

So I found this really nice and helpful attorney who in 12 days got up to speed on the case. However, his discovery was that my atty had done some dumb things and the trial attorney had stipulated to many things which would have hinder my chances to prevail.

So the best course was to settle which was something I figured was going to happen anyway, but not this late. But apparently my first attorneys were not being cooperative and anyway....the whole thing was just so disappointing.

My new atty said that I had a good case. The things that I said happened to me were not being contested by the District's attorneys. They knew the idiot did those things because they had my emails telling another friend/co worker (vinny's mom). was all about what damages I had and of course, the district runs everything thru the idiot so they r in the clear.'s over and hopefully my anger towards my "boss" (who I have to see here at work) gets put away into a box and I can lable him as "The One I Hate and Always Will." His lack of management skills, his not knowing the meaning of friendship or loyality and his having no clue what the word "betrayal" is, is far worse that what that idiot did to me.

But I just want to thank all of you for all your love and support
I so very much appreciate all your words. They mean a lot to me. Thank you soooo much!

Now onward to the New Year!

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Barked: Tue Dec 17, '13 5:39pm PST 
Well, what a relief it's over. No matter the outcome. Now you can focus on making positive things happen in 2014.

We've been through some of what you have with Boris' ex-company. I'd like to say that 3+ years later I am over being angry, but I'm not 100% over it. I'm mostly over it. I did feel a sense of glee when Boris' current company released a press release showing that their pipeline Hepatitis C drug has a 97% cure rate. Up until then the former company had the public thinking they were the ones with the best chance for HCV cure. Hehehee. dancing See? I'm not totally over hating them.

But it does get better. And I think putting the case to an end is the first step. Now pick something positive you want to do in 2014 that you couldn't because of all the time and energy this trial took.

We're behind you all the way! Onward!!!!

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Barked: Fri Dec 20, '13 12:16pm PST 
Congrats Laura, we missed a lot of what was happening, but so glad it's over and done anyway!!!! HUGS from us!!

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Barked: Tue Dec 24, '13 9:42am PST 
I'm glad it's over for you, but sorry it dragged out so long in the first place. It's hard to get over the bitterness of being wronged but in time it does lessen. By the time you're ready to retire, MOST of the bad feelings will be gone and you can go on to the next part of your life feeling good about things.

We're glad that ypou can enter the new year without all the angst that you had over the trial. It's put you through the ringer and there are so many more important things in lifeā€¦.you can enjoy those now!