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MerryBelle- Noelle Pie- SSW

Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 9:31am PST 
*MERRY has been hard at work raking leaves outside the Doghouse. She decides to take a break to await the latest Fur of the Month, soon due to arrive for his interview. She has bagged some leaves but also has a pile ready so they can play in them after after all the barking back and forth during the interview big grin She hears the garden gate open and there he is!!!*

ZANE !!! Welcome !!! You are the Doghouse's Fur of the Month for November 2013 !!! Congratulations !!! YIPPEEEE !!!

ZANE I have some questions to ask so we can find out all about you !!! Lets get started big grin

Tell us about where you call home sweet home.

We live in a quaint town called Bethlehem, (in the Lehigh Valley), Pennsylvania. Our home is in a cozy 1 bedroom apartment. (I WANTED MY OWN ROOM, BUT MOM SAID 'NO'! BOL!)

Who are the special people in your life?

MOM, of course, is numero UNO! I like anybody and everybody! I especially love kids! When we walk around our complex, all the kids scream my name when they see me and come play with me!

I know that your mom was at first hesitant to get another pup. What made her change her mind and how does she feel about that decision now?

It was the BEST decision she could have made - in so many ways. It took her a long time to even consider getting another pup after Sun passed. But, when she was finally able to see and truly believe that he was in a better place, she got me! Since she lives alone, and has so much love to give, I fit perfectly into her life - and she in mine!

What breed are you? Where did your mom find you and how did she know you were "the one"

I am a Maltipoo - half Maltese and half Toy Poodle. She wanted a mix, as she heard they have less health problems than purebreads. She wanted the smarts of the Poodle, with the wavy hair of the Maltese. (And, of course, she is partial to 'little white dogs'! LOL!)

Mom found me on PuppyFinder, and drove 2 hours to get me. It was me and my sibling, who was tan in color, and cute as a button too. Mom held us both, and couldn't make up her mind! The breeder said I was the calmer of the two, so that sealed the deal for ME! (LITTLE DID SHE KNOW, I AM FAR FROM CALM! BOL!)

Are you a vocal pup? I seen you trying out for The Voice, my mom's favorite show, in a picture bol!!

I am not particularly vocal. I do bark if people or other dogs walk by my window. If I want to play, I bark! 'The Voice' picture was when mom and I were playing in the house. I wanted to play, and she was trying to take those darn pictures of me! Its never ending with her camera!

Do you get along with other pups? What about people. Are you friendly?

I am super friendly with both people and other pups! I HAVE to greet everyone we walk by when outside. Mom gets so embarrassed! I love other dogs too. I am very submissive, and usually roll on my back and let them have their way with me! BOL!

How did you get your name?

The breeder named me ZANE, and mom liked it!

What type of pawsonality do you have?

I am super hyper when I want to be, but do take naps and rest during the day. I am super friendly, and very affectionate and loving. Mom just adores that quality in me, cuz Sun was usually too sick to be affectionate. Mom's favorite show of affection that I display is when I lie my head on her head on the bed pillow. She just eats that up! BOL! I am such a good boy. Mom couldnt have asked for anything more!

How did your Mom find Dogster? What is your favorite thing to do on Dogster?

One of mom's friends told her about it years ago. I like chatting and interacting with all the friends we have, being the host of games, and playing games at The DOGHOUSE! BOL!

You got carsick from your very first car ride. Have you gotten any better when going on rides?

NO! Mom keeps towels and garbage bags on the passenger seat and floor of our car. Needless to say, she doesn't take me many places cuz she hates cleaning up my puke! She knows she should, as I need to get used to the motion. She just heard that a BLACK JELLYBEAN, about 10 minutes before going in the car, will stop the vomiting. She has yet to try it.

I heard that you have or will have a trainer and go to doggie school. Tell us about that and what are some things you want to learn?

We just had a terrible experience with a trainer! Mom drilled her on the phone about using POSITIVES and not harming me in any way, and thought she was ok. Long story short, she used a PRONG COLLAR! Mom broke down crying after she left and threw it in the garbage! She took Sunny to clicker training when he was a pup and kept all the information. She has step by step instructions on what and how to teach. So, we've been using the clicker and I am doing so well! I can SIT, COME, LAYDOWN, and LEAVE IT so far!

While I was reading through your diary you keep growing like a weed! Have you stopped yet and how big are you?

I think I've stopped growing - FINALLY! Last time I was weighted, I was 15 pounds. I was supposed to be 7 to 9 pounds! Thats how much my parents were. From what I hear, its all in the genes tho, and a big boy like me can pop out at any time! BOL! At first Mom didnt want me to grow so big. But, everyone kept telling her that smaller dogs tend to have more health issues. So, Mom told me to GROW! GROW! GROW!

You mentioned in your diary and posted some pics of your orange feet from whats known as rust disease. I never heard of this before. Can you explain?

Rust disease is a mold, or fungus, that can grow on your lawn. Nasty, hugh? My allergies started when my legs started turning orange, so we think I am allergic to the mold. NOT all dogs are allergic to it! Thankfully, since its gotten cooler out, I am not itching my feet anymore. KNOCK ON WOOD! (As soon as mom says that - I start up again!)

What type of texture is your fur, it looks so soft. Is it as soft as it looks?

It sure is! Oh, I am sooo soft!!

Do you like to play with toys? What is your favorite one?

Right now, my favorites are these tiny little balls that squeak and have faces on them. They were only like a buck! Mom got me a few, so she can have one, and I can have one. She teases me with hers, so I drop mine. Then, she gets the one I dropped, and the cycle continues! She throws them against the walls and I try to catch them when she misses! LOL!

Most puppies chew alot. Were you / are you a chewer? Did you destroy anything?

I was a big time chewer when I was growing up. (Mom found all my teeth!) No, I never destroyed anything - I really am such a good boy and good listener, WHEN I WANT TO BE, OF COURSE! I am a pleaser for sure! The only thing I ate that I shouldn't have, were a few Nylabones. Mom only later found out, (after I puked a few mornings...) that they werent edible!

In your home are you given free reign or are there areas off limits?

FREE REIGN!! I do zoomies across the sofa, into the hall, into the kitchen.. Mom used to put me in a baby gated area when I was potty training and she couldnt watch me. She tried taking the sides of the gate away, one at a time. She noticed that I got anxious without my little 'area'. So, there are still 3 gate sides in the LR for me, and that is MY SPOT!

Do you sleep in your own bed or with your mom?

With mom! I sleep on my back - all sprawled out. Mom loves when I do that too, cuz Sunny never layed on his back. We didnt know it was cuz he had back pain!

The Holiday Season is coming up, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years! Your first! Are you looking forward to to eating turkey, decorating, seeing Santa, giving and receiving presents, drinking champagne bol .. well maybe not the last!

Yes! They will be my first holidays with mom!

I know your motto says "Too Cute for Words" but I am putting you in the hot seat! Give me some words describing that cuteness!!!


Being a light colored pup you must get dirty faster than most. Do you like being bathed? Do you go to a groomer or does your mom take care of this?

I've learned not to mind baths so much. When the Rust Disease was bad, mom had to wash my feet in the tub EVERY time we came in from being outside! It was a nightmare for her, cuz she took me out like 10 times a day! She got a sprayer that connects to the shower head, which has been a lifesaver! She usually gives me my baths, not the groomer. She is so careful about not getting much water in my eyes, nose and mouth. The groomer just comes to give me haircuts and the other manly grooming necessities.

Whats a Day in the Life of Zane like? Where and when does Dogster time fit in?

9:00 am - Wake mom up by putting my head on hers

9:02 am - Mom doesnt move, so I whine a little

9:03 am - Mom tells me "NOT YET, ZANE!"

9:30 am - Finally, we get up. Mom immediately makes her coffee.(She is NOT a morning person at all!)

9:40 am - Mom takes me out, hobbling and bitching and I go pee and sometimes poop

10:00 am - Mom takes one of my toys, I follow her into the bathroom, and she shuts the door. This has become the 'norm' since she had to keep me in her sight at all times when I was itching my feet! She does her morning care, then cleans my eyes with a warm washcloth. She hates the GOOBIES in my eyes, so is sure that they are clean at all times. Plus, that helps me have no tear stains!

10:30 am - If I didnt poop earlier, mom takes me out again to go

10:35 - Mom feeds me my Innova wet over Taste of the Wild dry. Sometimes I eat breakfast, sometimes I dont
10:45 - We go out again, to the dumpster, and I go poop again

The rest of the day, mom is on the computer, and takes breaks to play inside or outside with me, and takes me for short walks. I either nap or look out our sliding glass doors at the squirrels while she does her 'stuff'

3:00 - The MAIL comes! Mom and I both run to the door to get it as it falls thru the slot!

5:30 - Dinner

Bed has been early cuz mom hasnt felt well. My bed is full of toys (I should say OUR bed..) so we play on the bed toosmile

If you were reporter for a day at Dogster what would be one of the articles you would write for the Homepage?

Something about Prong Collars, since we just had such a bad experience with them

Is there anything that you would like to mention about YOU that we should know!!!

I am such a happy, healthy boy! You dont know how truly blessed mom is to be able to say that, after all she went thru with Sunny. That makes her appreciate me all the more!

Do you have any plans for the future?

NEUTERING! After the holidays is the plan. UGH! Neither one of us is looking forward to that.

Any final thoughts?

I am just so honored, Merry and George, that you would choose me as The Doghouse's fur of the month! Thank you, and thank you for reading about me!

Zane, this has been a pleasure! Thank you again for coming and barking about YOU!! Congratulations once again on being DOGHOUSE FUR OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER 2013 !!! *Merry pins a RIBBON on his collar*

We are all done.... NOW LET'S PLAY !!!!

cheercheerapplauseapplausepartyhappy dancepartyapplauseapplausecheercheer

Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 10:14am PST 


MERRY! I LOVE the pic of you in the bag of leaves! That is great!

laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

I am gonna do the MONKEY DANCE!!
hamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dance

MONKEYS OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
☯ Romeo- Beau ☯

Bred to SHRED!
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 10:42am PST 
Congratulations, Zane! What an honor and a well deserved one at that, too! I enjoyed reading all about you and I am so glad that you and your wonderful Mom have each other. My Mom can tell you what a blessing us little white doggies can be, and obviously your Mom knows it, too. Enjoy your special month in the spotlight, sweet baby. kissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissingkissing

Merry, another wonderful interview. I always enjoy reading them very much. hughughughughughughughug


Miss- Pig!
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 12:44pm PST 
party cheer cheer Congrats Zaney! cheer cheer party
♥- George- P.P.Pie- *SHM*

Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 1:18pm PST 
applauseapplausepartypartypartyCONGRATULATIONS ZANEY!partypartyparty

We are SO HONORED that you are our FUR OF THE MONTH for NOVEMBER!!big hugbig hug Thank you for saying yes Zaney!!! What a pawsome interview, it is so much fun to get to know your handsome self more!!! We love you, your brofur and your Mom!hughug

Merry what a wonderful job you did again!!kissing A regular Baba Walters!!winkhug Those are adorable pictures you chose for the interview wife!!cloud 9cloud 9way to gobig grin
♥Our- Angel- Lola♥

Loves belly rubs
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 1:18pm PST 
Yahoooooooo congrats zaneyapplauseapplausecheercheercheercheer We are so excited fur you sweetiebig hugbig hug Love your interview honey piecloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 3:23pm PST 
Congratulations Zaney I really loved reading about you it was awesome wishing you a great Fur Of The month for November handsome boyapplauseapplauseapplauseapplausebig hug

Great interview Merry as usual your fantasticway to gohappy dancehappy dancehappy dance
Bailey NWD

Bailey- Blinkerson- Eskiwowow Raiman
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 3:52pm PST 
Congratulations Zane! I really enjoyed reading Merry's interview with you!

~Pretty- Boy- Pippin~
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 5:27pm PST 
applauseapplauseapplause Whoo HOO Zane, Congrats!!!! I really love how you spend your day.. that dude is simply pawsome way to go

I love to- FRAP
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 7:33pm PST 
cheer cheer Congratulations Zane! cheer cheer
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