BanCam Movie Review: The Butler


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Mom and Dad went to see The Butler tonight. It was Mom's idea. I think Dad was just going along with it. I think he wanted to sit home in front of his work computer with his Vice President. cloud 9 Anyhow I attached the BanCam to Dad who DID manage to stay awake.

This movie is about a man who was born into slavery and spent his youth working on a cotton plantation in the south. Through hard work and a lot of guts, he got out and worked his way up to being a butler in the White House.

He worked at the White House through something like 8 presidencies and saw many changes in the American culture over the generations.

Meanwhile his son doesn't understand him and what he does. He takes a more aggressive approach to change, which drives a wedge between him and his family. The movie makes interesting points about both ways to approach change.

It's a very long movie, and I had to get up several times to get a snack of lint (I can't open the treat cabinet). But if you don't mind the wait, the ending is really rewarding. The audience grows very attached to the main characters and the final scenes got a lot of applause.

More importantly, there are two dogs in the movie. They're Beagles, but we'll just have to let that slide for the time being. I think both Beagles should get an Oscar for the scenes where they have to sit next to the actor playing President Johnson while he takes a deuce on the toilet. They looked like they'd really rather be somewhere else, but they stayed. That is true ACTING my furiends.

I give the movie three paws up. I'd give it four but it kept Mom and Dad from being home on time for my 9:30 pee break. Don't worry, I held it.

Otherwise the hooman actors were really good, and there were many big names in the cast including Opal who is apparently important although I thought that was just for jewelry. shrug

Signing out. I gotta pee...

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Great Review Patan!!! Oh and much applause for you holding your pee until your mom and dad got home. Wow! Two puppers in one movie! That's great! We need more roles for us puppers, that's for sure. You're right about their roles being difficult. I know when Tee and I would pop in on mom in the bathroom, she'd always gave us belly rubs and skitches on our backs. But not dad. He would be reading paper and seemed like that was all he could do while he was doing his business. So, those puppers had a tough role.

I do know that Opal likes pups and she has alots of houses with big big yards and she treats her puppers really good. So applause to Opal!!!

Thanks Patan!!!

Mom says that she wants to go to the movies today wiff dad.