Show and Tell Friday July 12, 2013

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Barked: Fri Jul 12, '13 9:16am PST 
Hi Puppers!!!

Well another Friday is here! Nothing much happening at our house except that the weather has cooled down and we've been able to take some long cool walks. Yesterday mom brought her iphone and was taking pictures of me as I was doing my business of marking up the neighborhood. Geeze, a pup can't get any privacy wiff my mom.

We really enjoyed the walk and maybe mom will sync her phone to the computer to upload some of my pics.

This weekend mom and dad are going to the baseball game. Dodgers are creeping up to first place and dad is in a spin of happiness!!! blue dog

Mom says that they are going to buy Baby J some dodger gear and mom says that she'll look for something for me. Mom says that my collar is getting tight because she thinks I've gained some weight around my neck. red face so maybe a new collar is not in the cards for me.

So that's about it for me. How are all of you out there????

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Barked: Sat Jul 13, '13 8:01am PST 
Ughhh!!!! I think the pawrents need to get glasses. Dad is saying that I "look like a tank." What's wrong with that?!?!?!?!?! I think I look good and don't feel the need to change a thing.

Mom had a phone interview for a job in Los Angeles, but it didn't go very well. She was bummed, but she doesn't think it was the right job anyhow.

In other news, Mom volunteered to be part of a research study testing an implantable nerve stimulator. Wednesday she went in and had the device implanted in the foot she had surgery on a year ago and that has been hurting ever since. If the device works, she could be pain free soon!

Mom was a real trooper for the surgery. She had to be awake for it, so it was a little unnerving no pun intended. laugh out loud
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Barked: Sat Jul 13, '13 8:40am PST 
Wow Patan that's pretty brave of your mom. I'm sorry though about her interview. Phone interviews must be tough. I bet the right one will come along and you'll be HOME for Winter!!!!

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Barked: Sun Jul 14, '13 8:20am PST 
Tee...the cooler weather is nice, isn't it!
Did your pawrents ever make it to the game? I saw that they were stuck in traffic. Did Baby J get some Dodger clothes?

Patan....sorry to hear about your Mom's phone interview. Not sorry to hear that you're a tank..that could come in handy and hey, I'm a girl tank!
Your mom sure is BRAVE! We hope it works so your mom isn't in anymore pain.

I went to the vet TWICE!!! Mom took me Friday but there was an emergency, so we came home instead of waiting..I thought I dodged that bullet, but she took me back yesterday! She thought I had an infection, but it was a little mass on my gums. They got some of it off and are sending it in to get biopsied.

That's about all that's happening here!
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Barked: Sun Jul 14, '13 9:23pm PST 
Chey, paws crossed and kissing that there is nothing serious going on wiff your gums. hug

Yes, they made it to the game. Funny thing is that the couple that they went with always go to the Dodger games. It takes them about 15 minutes to get to the stadium and yet!!!! The freeway was shut down and they didn't make it to the game until the 5th inning.

No gear for me but baby J got a dodger blue dog shirt and mom's friend bought two little outfits for her that were totally overpriced. But it was nice of her to buy it for baby J.

Yes, we love the cooler weather and the sky tonight had clouds in them. Mom says rain is coming.

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Barked: Wed Jul 17, '13 3:39pm PST 
It's just pouring here. I think we may need to build an ark. eek