Show and Tell Friday June 14

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Barked: Fri Jun 14, '13 8:40pm PST 
wave How is every pup feeling?!
Zuni are you getting ready for the big race on the 22nd?
I can't wait to see my pal Apache and I'm hearing that Taj and his pals may come too!

Nothing much going on here. Mom is home all next week on an At Home Vacation! She's busy all week wiff appointments -- some to court and two for Baby J. So not much "fun" time, but I'm glad she'll be home some of the time.
Wish we could have gone on a short vacation but....

Hope you all have a great weekend and come around to tell us about your week!

Miss you all!

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Barked: Sat Jun 15, '13 8:31am PST 
Not much going on here. It's super HOT and HUMID!!!!!! eek AND we're having lots of crazy thunderstorms. It ain't fit for a Basenji out there, let me tell you.

Well, Mom is probably going to New York at the end of the month to perform in an improv festival, so that's new. But I think that's all that's exciting here.

Let us know if any of you want some heat and humidity, we'll send it your way.

Barked: Sat Jun 15, '13 10:44am PST 
The weather her has been Yucky too! Its gets cold then hot then rains then it's all sticky yucky outside and the bugs are so bad mom can't walk us cause she is getting all chewed up.

Well my tell is on Mom. She has been going to all of these baseball games so this morning she says we get to go on a ride and I thought we were going someplace fun. Nope she took me to the vet to get my nails trimmed.confused


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Barked: Sat Jun 15, '13 10:55am PST 
*Clea walks in all proud like*
I have a tell, Mom is super happy with me. This morning as she was getting ready to leave to take Lucy to the vet I ran out the front door (that's not the good thing) Well mom ran out behind me getting ready to panic cause my recall has been really bad) She (as calmly as she could) yelled my name and to stop so I did and then she said "Clea come" and I ran right back into her arms. (This is something I have never done before when I have been off leash unless we are in the house and that don't really count mom says)
Mom was so happy that I didn't have to stay home I got to ride along to town.

Oh before I forget Luke's paw is all better, they removed the growth and it has healed very nicely. He my have a scar but I tell him it makes him look tough
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Barked: Sat Jun 15, '13 9:24pm PST 
hughughughughug for Luke's paw!

cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer Clea for coming back!!! That's sooo good of you and I hope you got lots of treats when you got back inside!

frown Patan on the yucky weather. Talker says that it's about 80 degrees at home.

snoopysnoopy on your mom's trip to New York!!!!

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Barked: Sun Jun 16, '13 12:18am PST 
Well, we've had a new BRAT foster brother with us for a little while now. He's a tri named Milo and he is a fun guy -- Tag and I play with him all the time. Ivee just gripes and kvetches at us when we're having fun. I try not to be annoyed at her bad attitude, but Mom gently reminds us that Ivee has lots of issues, so we should be kind. Ivee is better than she was, but geeezzz. While Tag and Milo and I play on the bed, Ivee gets all agitated and starts pulling on the covers and growling, like she kinda wants to play but doesn't know how, and kinda like she's all PO'd at us for having fun. confused

But anyway, back to Milo. When Mom pulled him from the shelter in San Bernardino, they told her he wasn't neutered. The City of San Bernardino is bankrupt, so there are no vet services there anymore, so Mom had to pay an extra fee to get Milo out that would be refunded after she presented evidence that he got fixed. Mom made That Appointment for Milo, and guess what? He was already neutered! Mom felt like a real dingbat because she had even copped a feel (red face MOM!) and thought she felt something back there. The vet tech was kind enough to tell her that she probably felt scar tissue from Milo's prior surgery, but she felt like a dimwit anyway. Oh well, at least he got caught up on the rest of his shots, even if he had some snoozy meds for nothing. Next step for Milo is pictures tomorrow and then Mom will get him on the BRAT website. Tag and I will hate to see him go because he's such a good playmate, but we know that's how BRAT works. We know Mom will have another foster before too long, because that's just how our Mom is. She is a good minion to all Basenjidom.

Tag and I are looking forward to the Basenji fun day in Riverside next Saturday! Ivee will stay at home because she's an ole grouch ass -- hey, Mom, don't look at me that way, you call her that, too -- and she has a chronic cough the vet can't figure out. frown Milo will stay home too to keep her company, although I am sure he'd have a blast with us. Mom just doesn't think she could manage us three wild boysenjis all at once. She never hesitated to take three senjis out in public before when our angel queen Ellie was with us, because Ellie's influence seemed to keep us in line, but without Ellie's help, Mom's not so sure it would work out well.

Whew - time for me to get Mom to go to bed. smile
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Barked: Sun Jun 16, '13 7:13pm PST 
Taj we will be looking for you. We haven't told Dad yet but we plan to be there by 10:00 a.m. i think we're taking Baby J wiff us. It's mom's birthday and according to dad, he'll do what ever she wants because it's her day. I just want my mom to spend time wiff me so maybe Dad will be on stroller duty and I'll be wiff mom. Look for us and we'll look for you too! We want to get there early in case it's really hot.