June 3 Mamma Lynn's birthday!

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Barked: Mon Jun 3, '13 8:57am PST 

Have a great birthday!!!! kissing

All for one and- one for all
Barked: Mon Jun 3, '13 11:39am PST 
Momma says Thank You Tee! She's spending the day with us...how could it get any better?!?!?!laugh out loud

Oooops! I ate my- motto....*burp!*
Barked: Sat Jun 8, '13 9:46am PST 
We're extending the birfday fun! Happy woofday, Auntie Lynn!!!!! flowers

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Barked: Mon Jun 17, '13 5:06pm PST 
Momma says "Thank You" Stormie and sends you many hugs....and tree frogs ARE scary!