Pupdates from Pack 10 finaly!!

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Sunbeam- Maven
Barked: Thu May 30, '13 8:29am PST 
Sheena, it was great getting caught up on all your news!!!wave

All for one and- one for all
Barked: Thu May 30, '13 2:53pm PST 
Whew...you guys need to pupdate us more often..that was A LOT of reading!laugh out loud

First...we are crossing our paws for that vacay..cause then that means your mom doesn't need surgery...or should she get it????? Vacays are still more fun!

Let's see, what else...the hives sounded HORRIBLE! We're sorry you all missed the big bash because of them too. Chey used to get hives all the time when she was a pup and we still never knew what they were from. Mom doesn't inoculate us much and has gone organic out back but there are a few things that she still uses that is old fashioned and that is flea and tick meds. She was only putting them on Zuni because she races and goes to parks..but then Chey came back with a tick borne illness...which Mom thought was a fluke...then Marlowe came back with lyme disease. Mind you she has never seen any ticks on us since we've moved out here...but after that she decided to just go back to using them on all of us. She can't afford for Apache to get something.
We're glad you are all doing better after that terrible experience....and all those baths..how AWFUL!

The horses sound like fun. We have some we see on our walk every day. Momma talks to them and this morning one walked over toward us to say hi. They're back from the street a little though, not close like yours are!

Boo...sounds like you have found the perfect home...we're so happy for you!

Farrah...ditto what we said to Boo.....Momma knows all about little divas. You sound very much like our Miss Zuni!

Keba...how BRAVE of you to go to the park all those times!

Sparkle....sounds like you've found out just how nice cuddling can be for a pup!

Sheena...you're such a wonderful girl taking care of your mom and checking on the others when she couldn't! Oh...WHOLE sun spots are the best!

It was wonderful hearing what you've all been up to! Not much has been going on here. it's going to start being hot so we'll be hanging inside most days. Mom and Dad are getting up earlier so we can take our walks earlier. Marlowe is really slowing down and just can't handle any heat anymore.
Zuni loves to chase..and eat...bunnies that she catches..oh and she runs after the crows as they fly over the property. Apache is Zuni's best buddy and they hang out together most days..although they aren't "close" when they're inside. I always expected they would snuggle together..but it seems all my dogs prefer their humans to one another. Chey is Chey. She's a quiet watcher. Oh and she's a screamer too, like Sparkle. As a pup she would always sneak around under your feet and she did get accidentally kicked a few times...mostly by the sofa if you were uncrossing your legs and you didn't know she was there...and never hard. If she even THINKS a foot is coming close to her..whether it has a shoe on or not...she screams bloody murder!

Sunbeam- Maven
Barked: Thu May 30, '13 4:32pm PST 
Well, I'm so glad to hear that some fur is a screamer besides me! I almost NEVER baroo, but if you even THINK about my feet, I'll scream. Sometimes in a dream I'll wake the pawrents up with a scream. When a kitty comes on to my lower deck, I'll huff 'n' puff, but not make a sound. I just know those kitties talk 'bout the 'senji who is full of hot air 'n' nothing much else, 'n' that they do not need to be afraid.
I guess I'll just have to practice looking Fierce!!!shrug


Official- Clothing- Customizer!
Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 8:07am PST 
Thanks everypup for reading, we have SO many more stories too, even ones from NC BOL!!!!

We will try to get caught up soon, mommy has a bunch of medical tests this week coming up, so we will be back as soon as we can!!!

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